30 Reasons Palm is the Best Smartphone for Back-To-School

Palm best small smartphone

If you’re worried about your kids going "back to school" with a fully connected, huge smartphone, spare a thought for the teachers who have to wrestle for your student’s attention for the next 8 hours...remotely!

However, with this school year looking different than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes, it is more important than ever to have an affordable way to connect with your students, teachers and classmates. Many schools are doing everything they can to arm their faculty and students with the resources they need, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford $1,000+ phones for their kids or their staff. 

Palm offers families and faculty alike an affordable, easy, simple and stylish way to stay connected this school year. We’ve heard from a number of teachers who use Palm to separate their professional and personal lives, along with parents who feel safe giving Palm to their kid as their first phone. Now, with our best sale of the year, staying connected this school year is not only affordable, but fun!

Still not convinced? Here are 30 reasons why Palm makes the best back-to-school smartphone:

  1. Palm actually fits into your hand and your kid’s hand.
  2. Life Mode on Palm silences all incoming notifications so you aren’t distracted or disturbed while attending classes, or while teaching classes.
  3. Your kid will no longer be “borrowing” your mobile device.
  4. Teachers and Faculty are able to have a direct line to their students and parents without breaking the bank.
  5. It’s ultra-mobile and portable so it won’t fall out of your pant or jacket pocket when on-the-go.
  6. Create some separation between personal and professional communication.
  7. Costs ⅓ less than other flagship smartphones.
  8. Can stay connected for only $5/month.    Palm smartphone data plans through US Mobile starting at $5/month
  9. Encourages healthy digital habits.
  10. Voice-activated everything.
  11. Cuts out all the time you spend trying to find apps. With quick actions and gesture pad, you can find what you need in a fraction of the time. 
  12. Did we mention this smartphone is TINY (same size as your credit card).
  13. Equipped with Android Operating System to provide extra safety for worried parents.
  14. Has access to the entire Google App Store so you can download any remote learning apps you need for the school year.
  15. Lightweight and practical for those everyday errands, dog walks and recess time.
  16. Works really well with monitoring apps such as Bark.
  17. Super easy to use and collaborate with classmates using Google’s suite of products (i.e. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides) being an Android device.
  18. Actually fits into the palm of your hand, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it or not being able to type with one hand.
  19. Fits into backpacks, purses and clutches of all sizes, so you can stay connected no matter the activity.
  20. Tracks your workouts without having to hold a phone in your hand while working out or during those P.E. hours.
  21. Parental controls such as Google Family Link help build balanced habits with your children and set limits for those non learning hours
  22. Fits easily into your coin jean pocket (the pocket no one uses, but now you can!). Palm smartphone is so small it fits into the coin pocket of your jeans
  23. Comes in two great colors: Gold & Titanium.
  24. Has super cool accessories.
  25. Palm is both strong and durable, made with Gorilla Glass and is rated IP68 water and dust resistant, so when slips inevitably happen, you’re covered.
  26. If you’re a little shy, Palm is a great conversation starter. You can be the star of your Zoom meeting!
  27. Just like you, Palm is different, too. 
  28. Puts you back in charge of what apps and notifications get your attention. 
  29. Great for taking the dog on a walk when you don’t have pockets and you need that break time.
  30. Stephen Curry has one!
Stephen Curry wears a Palm smartphone in a lanyard case


It’s easy to see why so many people love Palm, but especially parents, students and teachers. And there’s never been a better time to take your back-to-school shopping to the next level. You can now buy an unlocked Palm for just $249 - our lowest price of the year! Or, grab any one of our Back-To-School or Power bundles, all on sale now for just $279. Through our partner US Mobile, you can select from unique, no-contract data plans, starting as low as $5/month with your first month free. It’s never been so affordable to stay connected reliably with Palm. Get yours today!

Palm smartphone Back-To-School sale


Looking to support a teacher this school year? We’ve partnered with Teach for America Miami-Dade to keep the 169 teachers in their program connected affordably this year. Help us achieve our goal by purchasing a renewed Palm smartphone that will go directly to a Teach For America teacher for only $99. Teachers that are not part of the Teach For America program are also eligible to access this discounted price for renewed Palm smartphones. Learn more about these programs here