5 Ways to Use Your Palm on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Heading out for a day of active fun? Grab your workout gear, your water bottle and your Palm phone to stay connected without getting distracted while on the go.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, climbing, or swimming…enjoy the features you need most without lugging around your clunky screen.

1. Your Small But Mighty Cycling Computer

You know what they say: great things come in small packages! Why bog down your bike with your heavy phone when you can access GPS, the Google Play Store, and Bluetooth to easily log your ride? The perfect cycling companion can fit in any pocket. Download full apps like Strava, Komoot, Training Peaks, Bike Map, Garmin Connect and more. And for indoor adventures, use your Palm while racing to the finish line on your Peloton. 

2. Waterproof for Any Adventure

Warmer weather means surfing, swimming, kayaking, sailing and chillin’ by the beach! Palm is rugged and waterproof, which means it’s built for action. No adventure is off-limits when your device can withstand water, IP68 rated dust and any climate. Stop worrying about damaging your overpriced phone when headed out with your Palm!

3. Hit the Trails with Your Favorite Soundtrack

Listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts so you can stay on track without the distraction of non-stop notifications. Palm is the perfect companion for your next run, hike, climb or walk with wireless access so you can use your favorite bluetooth wireless \earbuds. Blast your Spotify, Apple Music, Podcast and Youtube playlists for total focus. 


4. Look Up and See The Stars (Not Your Notifications) While Camping

Weekend getaway to spend time outdoors? Take in your surroundings on your next camping, fishing or backpacking trip! Life Mode is designed to manage your digital notifications so you can stay present while enjoying your time outside. Life Mode helps you connect on your terms, so you won’t get distracted from your workout. The best part? Turning on Life Mode won’t interrupt your current activity if you’re using GPS, on a call, streaming music, recording your workout or using GPS apps.  Focus on what truly matters while being active.

5. Just the Essentials To Fit In Your Pocket

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Palm is the size of a credit card, able to make calls, compatible with your favorite apps, and perfect for any lifestyle. Easily fit your Palm in your hiking, biking, climbing or riding pocket. Palm is ideal for minimalists who are focused on staying present and enjoying the moment. Head out for your next adventure equipped with all the essentials without the weight of a large screen.


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