7 Reasons Why Palm is the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

Great gifts often come in small packages, and Palm is tiny!

Trying to finish up your last minute holiday shopping? If you’re looking for a special gift for that special someone, look no further, Palm is here for you. It’s the ultimate holiday tech gift for just about anybody on your list—even if that person is you!

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Palm is a mobile companion device that can fit into the coin pocket on your jeans.

Seriously, it’s just the size of a credit card. So, it’s basically like a wearable—but a wearable with the full functionality of a smartphone.

Palm can be worn many ways

Some people can’t live without their smartwatch, while others wear a traditional watch as a fashion accessory. But, some people just don’t wear watches, no matter how smart or stylish they are. The beauty of Palm is that it can be worn however you want. Wear it in a sport sleeve for a workout or around your neck when you’re going grocery shopping or heading to your kid’s sporting event. Wear it around your wrist when you’re meeting up with friends, or even slip it into a small clutch before heading out for the night.

Everyone can use a Palm

Palm can be used in so many different ways, and that’s what is so exciting about it. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a fashionista, a basketball star or a kid wrangler, Palm can fit perfectly into your life. Phones are bigger than ever, and Palm’s tiny profile makes it more convenient for almost any many occasion.

With a Palm, it’s so much easier to leave your phone behind and travel light. Whether you’re heading out on a date or hitting the gym, Palm is the ultimate solution to your big phone problems.

It works with Apple and Android

Palm runs on Android OS, but it can also works with iPhones. You can download all of your favorite Google Play apps on your Palm and sync them across devices.

Leaving your phone behind, but want to finish up that podcast? Just connect your Bluetooth headphones and pick up right where you left off as you head out the door with your Palm.

Headed to the gym and your phone doesn’t fit in your workout pants? Still want to track your workout, listen to Spotify, reply to texts and order your post-workout meal? Having a Palm solves all these problems by basically allowing you to bring all your favorite apps along.

Palm lets you disconnect from your huge phone

It’s hard to leave the house without a camera these days. As a result, most of us are reluctant to leave our phone behind, even when we are stepping out for just a few minutes. So, you end up lugging around your huge phone—getting bothered by work emails, distracted by group texts and perusing social media for 30 minutes, when all you really wanted to do was go watch the sunset and snap a pic or two.

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Bringing just your Palm—with it’s easily customizable notification settings—makes it possible to have what you need, when you need it.

Palm has 2 cameras

The fact that Palm has two high quality cameras is a game changer. With a 12MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP selfie camera, you’ll never miss a moment. So, you can forget your big phone, slip your Palm into your smallest pocket, and have two capable cameras with you at all times.

two amazing cameras

Palm is tough as nails

Palm might be small and cute, but it’s also tough and water resistant. This is a device that is small enough to go anywhere and strong enough stand up to the elements. Clip it into a bike mount and hit the trails. You can track your ride with your favorite app, listen to music, take pics and post on social all from your Palm… all while your phone is at home… all with a device that fits into the coin pocket of your jeans.

Palm is all about human interactions

The holidays are all about spending time and connecting with our friends and family. Every last detail of Palm is designed to reduce digital distractions and enable quicker actions, so you can live in the moment, not your phone. With #LifeMode Palm, you can disconnect without being consumed by everything that comes with a big phone—the push notifications, work emails, the group texts. You only see what you want, when you want.

With Palm, you can relax and enjoy being with loved ones this holiday season without being constantly interrupted by notifications.

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