Calling All Digital Minimalists, Palm Is Now Available As A Standalone Smartphone

Available today, you can now purchase Palm as either a companion or a standalone phone. You told us that you wanted to use Palm as your main smartphone and we heard your feedback loud and clear. You can now make Palm your primary phone for just $199 at Verizon.

Whether you’re a digital minimalist, an athlete, or buying your kid their first ever smartphone, Palm is perfect for keeping you and your loved ones connected but not overly consumed by the distractions of our increasingly noisy, technology-filled world.


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Smartphone vs. Companion

What’s the difference between a standalone smartphone and companion phone, and how can you know what’s right for you?

As a primary smartphone, Palm is a whole new way of connecting without being consumed. Palm was designed to help people live outside their screens and is the perfect device for active lifestyles (running, cycling, gym), or the minimalist who doesn’t want to be consumed and weighed down by their big phone. This hasn’t changed. It’s just now, you have the option to have Palm as your primary smartphone, coming with its own phone number and data plan.

With Palm as your companion device, it shares the same phone number as your main smartphone, much like how smartwatches work. This option serves best for those mobile users who need a device for the gym, bike rides, running, or even date nights and don’t want to carry a large distracting smartphone, yet offers a more connected experience that wearables and other fitness devices can’t. With Palm you are still able to enjoy comfortable search options, LTE connectivity and a camera to snap that picture when you’ve reached the top of the hill for that spectacular view.

Product Updates

In addition to making Palm operate as a standalone phone, we improved the cameras and made software updates to extend the battery life. The updated camera now includes improved HDR, color balance and low light performance. The improved battery life allows you to get some extra usage time. These updates are already available on the standalone version of Palm and will be rolled out to companion devices later this month.


The Choice is Yours

Starting today, you can purchase Palm as a standalone smartphone for $199 at Verizon*, but hurry, this price only lasts through April 2019! Head over to Verizon to learn more about the different data plan options available, including their new Just Kids plan. Already have a companion Palm, but thinking about making the change? Learn more about trade-in options at Verizon.

To help celebrate the announcement, if you act now, you’ll be able to enjoy 50% off on all Palm accessories until April 18th, so act fast!

Buy Palm smartphone here.

Buy Palm companion here.

*$150 instant discount off retail price with a 2 year agreement or device payment purchase.Promotion ends May 1, 2019, after which the price will be $349.99.