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Celebrating 2 Years: A Message From Palm’s Founders

Palm smartphone co-founders

On behalf of Palm, we wanted to thank our #PalmCrew for joining us on this amazing two year journey thus far, on our mission to keep people connected but less consumed with technology. We love hearing all your stories about how Palm has helped strengthen your real life relationships, helped you be more present outside of screens, and encouraged a healthier balance for how technology is woven into your daily lives. Palm and Life Mode is much more than a product or feature, it’s a way of life. We hope you continue to think of Palm as a name that represents how we can help you live a fuller and richer life by connecting you to what matters most.

To honor this two year milestone, we’re offering a free battery accessory with a purchase of a new Palm for your family and friends for a limited time!

Thank you for helping us spread the word. Just like the Palm phone, the Palm team is small but mighty and your voice helps spread our mission to others. We are proud to say that we have the most dedicated and passionate customers a company could ever ask for. Thank you. 

Palm smartphone co-founders

Dennis Miloseski, Co-founder                                         Howard Nuk, Co-founder