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From Yoga Pants to No Pants: Testimonials from Real Palm Users


When we first launched Palm back in October 2018, we knew we were entering an already saturated mobile market. With screen sizes only getting bigger from the giants in mobile, we were interested to understand how people would respond to our tiny smartphone. Will consumers understand our mission of trying to put the utility back into the smartphone?

Now, almost two years later, we couldn’t be more excited about our growing #PalmCrew, and also seeing all the different ways people are using their Palms today. We’ve seen some use cases and configurations that even we never dreamed of or thought possible. Some of those include our #PalmCrew turning their Palms into smartwatches, child emergency devices, health monitors, or even attaching it to various types of shoes and socks for workouts. 

We have absolutely loved seeing all the different ways people are using their Palms and we wanted to share some of that customer love and unique ideas, maybe one of these will fit your lifestyle.

“Let me first start by saying OMG - the Palm phone is so cute! My friend...recommended that I try it out, since I am an active person and always complain that my big iPhone doesn't fit in any of my pockets or clutches. All of my apps are synced with my iOS apps on my iPhone (which I now just use for work), so when I go out, I'm still connected to all my friends and family - but am no longer getting sucked into my social media. I love that Palm fits into my sports bra and my yoga pants and I literally can't feel it - especially compared to my big iPhone (which is very cumbersome for anyone who loves their Lulus - am I right ladies?). The camera is perfect for taking pics on my walks in the park and the quality in daylight is surprisingly excellent! If any of you are looking for a small phone that has all the features and apps you love, for a fraction of the cost of smartphones today, I totally recommend trying a Palm. It may just change your life - like it has mine.” - Lindsay 


“I use Life Mode every time I need to focus on something and I don’t want any distractions. I use it when I’m in class, and when I’m at work. I try to toggle it off only when I know I am not busy. When I am free or when I know I need to be alert, I use Background Sync to keep me connected. I really like Life Mode because it helps me save battery, and keeps me focused on what I need to do. Palm gives me the freedom to be notified WHEN I want; it’s important for users to be in control of that.” Jimmy Guzman


I love this thing. I'm a minimalist at heart and have 2 crazy kids. Buying this Palm as my primary phone gives me way more family time. Not to mention I'm not weighed down by a heavy smartphone when I go camping out to the beach. It even increased productivity at work! That says it's still powerful enough to surf or play games whenever I like. I was looking at flip phones before I found this. Thank you Palm!” - Craige Garner


“I use my Palm as my main everyday phone!! I love it so so much. Small pockets are now no problem at all. I go horseback riding all the time and it is perfect for that being so small and having the lanyard case, I just put it around my neck and ride on!! I also love to take it with me to the gym, it fits so perfectly in the smallest of short/yoga pants pockets.” Cheyenne Holmes


“Who else has a pre-teen that has been over using the question, 'When can I get a phone?' for what feels like an eternity 😱 Well, the time has finally come and he is now at the age where he ACTUALLY has people to call, plans to make and places to go... 😅 So, I’m ready to give in and let him have his much desired phone. Insert, Palm. Palm is a smaller cell phone perfect for your kiddos introduction to this crazy world of technology. Bonus —> It’s made with gorilla glass, making it durable for those kiddos constantly on the go, and water-resistant for those unpreventable oops-ies. Looks like Everett will be asking for a phone now too 😂 #thestruggleisreal” - Sierra (mom to 11-year-old)


"Before I left for Boston, I purchased the @palm companion phone. My main goal for it was to be my cycling computer and emergency phone. I was dying to try it out, and the other day, I finally did. And I have to say...I LOVE IT! I can run Strava directly on it. The interface is so much nicer for racing segments. Everything is in full color. I can take photos on my ride. And it also makes phone calls and texts. So I can update Kiersten on where I am at all times. And I can do so while leaving my main phone at home! Awesome features and I couldn't be happier." - Ryan


“I'm not going to lie, I miss my students, I miss walking into school everyday at 7am, I miss those "aha" moments that my students had whenever they figured out how to solve an equation for the first time. Having said that, communication between my students and I during these crucial times is critical to maintaining their and my well being knowing that we are still forming relationships. I want students to be able to text me if they need anything, or if they're confused at a problem. Without a doubt, them having a direct line to me would be AMAZING, and now they do with my Palm phone.” - Rodolfo Santoyo, 7th Grade Math Teacher


The Palm is revolutionary for me as a mom in tech looking for the best way for my son and me to stay connected. I’ve evaluated a ton of options, and they were either too babyish, too big, too unreliable, or too risky. The smartwatches didn’t cut it, and the iPhone was too big and too risky. The Palm is the perfect solution for when I need to call or text my son, and vice versa. The location-tracking and parental control options are fabulous, accurate, and dependable. The Gorilla Glass and water-resistant features are key for durability, and the size is perfect. It’s truly just the coolest phone ever. I was originally going to wait until he was much older to give him a smartphone, but once I saw the Palm, I realized we could get connected in a safer way, right away.” - Titania Jordan, (mom to a 10-year-old) 


“When I first caught wind of Palm and its concept of being a companion device I thought I’d only use it occasionally, but after having my Palm since the day it debuted, it turns out that I use it just as much - if not more - than my main phone. I love that my Palm just disappears into my pocket and allows me to focus on what’s important, yet still allows people to get in touch with me just in case.” Dan Dolar



How are you using your Palm today? We’d love to hear your story and why you would recommend for others to test it out. Submit your story here.