Get into #DadMode with Palm

Although Father’s Day wasn’t officially celebrated as a nationwide holiday until 1972, its origins date back to 1910 when the day was first celebrated in the state of Washington. Despite the initial resistance from men who viewed the holiday as being too gimmicky, today, Father’s Day is viewed as a dedicated day to show love and appreciation for the men who raised us.

However, people today are seemingly busier than ever–dads included. The era of the 9-5 work day have pretty much disappeared in many industries as the proliferation of technology allows us to take our work home with us and never really disconnect. As our schedules get busier and more demanding, it feels our time spent with the people who matter most have been relegated to a simple text message, or if you're lucky, a phone call.

Enter #DadMode:

That’s why we want to celebrate what we call #DadMode. It’s important to be able to leave your work and digital lives behind and immerse yourself in the joy that is spending time with the people in your life that mean the most to you. Putting our phones away and interacting with friends and family is not only important to strengthen our relationships, but also to support and build our mental health. Hear from our own #PalmCrew dads on the importance of disconnecting and what #DadMode means to them:

Collin Willardson

To be honest, I still go to bed every night saying, ‘welp, there goes another day of me acting like I know how to be a dad’. I'm still trying to figure it all out, and thankfully, my kids are willing to join me on that journey. One thing I have learned from being a dad though is the power of being present. Being at the park with your kids is one thing, but putting your phone down and playing with your kids at the park is another thing. I never regret putting my phone down to be with my kids, I only regret being on my phone and missing out on my kids lives."


Dennis Miloseski

"Being a dad without a doubt has been the greatest source of pride and inspiration in life. #DadMode in part for me has been rediscovering my childhood through my kid's eyes– from learning to ride a bike, starting a campfire, to a warm summer swim. Conveniently that was a world before smartphones were invented, however those experiences still remain the most meaningful in life. Sometimes it takes unplugging to connect you to what matters most."

David Woodland

"The world is a busy, busy place. When we finally clear our calendars and make time to be with the people we love, our buzzing phones are the last (and loudest!) noise of them all that take us away from truly being present. I’ve been there when I cancel meetings, leave work early, fight traffic, and overcome all the obstacles to get to my kids soccer game- only to miss when my son scored a goal cause I was on my phone.

It takes intentional planning to clear out my schedule to be with my four kids. Saturday morning donut runs, youth sporting events, school plays, going on a picnic, or at home playing video games together… Palm was designed and created for these moments when I want to be present and engaged in my kids' lives. Life Mode ends the endless buzzing so I can be the dad I want to be."


Sean Heatherington

"As the father of a two year old,  the screen can be a lifesaver at times. A game or cartoon can keep my daughter entertained and out of trouble while I take care of business. But, when I think about all my favorite memories with her, none of them involve a screen. To me, #DadMode is putting down the screens and making memories with my family. Whether we’re going to the beach or just playing with Legos, I love switching my Palm to #LifeMode and just enjoying the moment without any distractions.”

We want to hear from you– what does #DadMode mean to you? Tell us your story here.

A gift any Dad will love

Father’s Day spending is estimated to reach a record $16 BILLION in 2019. This year, give your dad a gift that’s unique and he will actually use, that keeps him connected to his digital world, but isn’t all-consuming. Give your dad the gift of #LifeMode with Palm.