Hear Why People Are Gushing About Palm

We love our #PalmCrew customers, and we especially love reading what they have to say about Palm. From triathletes to horseback riders, dog walkers and fathers alike, users all over the globe are showing some big love for our tiny little phone. But we don’t just comb through reviews because we like to hear flattering things about Palm... while great reviews might make us blush a bit, we’re more interested in learning how people are fitting Palm into their lives. This feedback helps us design better mobile products, and inspires us to work towards a future where we have healthy relationships with our mobile devices. 

We designed Palm so users can have a more balanced relationship with their smartphones and focus on what really matters in their lives. And there’s nothing that matters more than the friends, family and loved ones around us. We want to help people focus on the real-life relationships that (according to all. the. science!) make us happier, healthier, and more successful. With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, you’ll forgive us if we get a little lovey-dovey about all the great Palm users all over the globe. Here are some Palm reviews from both customers and the media that got us feeling all heart-eyed this Love Day.

I love that my Palm just disappears into my pocket and allows me to focus on what’s important, yet still allows people to get in touch with me just in case.” Dan Dolar

“I use my Palm as my main everyday phone!! I love it so so much. Small pockets are now no problem at all. I go horseback riding all the time and it is perfect for that being so small and having the lanyard case, I just put it around my neck and ride on!! I also love to take it with me to the gym, it fits so perfectly in the smallest of short/yoga pants pockets.” Cheyenne Holmes

“This tiny little phone can make a huge impact on your life. Sometimes you have to take a step back from reality and ask yourself why things are the way they are. Why do smartphones HAVE to be huge? So you can waste copious amounts of time on them. That's why. The Palm does everything a normal smartphone will do, except control your life. It's like a patient powerful little companion that respects your personal space. There is a time and place for phone usage and the Palm defines that line perfectly.  #PalmForLife” -Samuel Morgan Patterson

“The freedom that this device gives me while training has not only given me peace of mind, but also eliminates the bulk of a phone while still maintaining all the features of one. I have used my Palm for every bike ride and run since receiving the phone. -Dellany Elizabeth


I use my Palm to take my service dog for walks, since it fits in his treat pouch. Yay! :) No more bulky phone weighing me down.” -Lori Lebruska

“I've been using Palm anytime I hit the gym, go to the beach, or...when I want to do some hiking or kayaking. I never thought a phone this compact would be so user-friendly and functional, but the crew at Palm really nailed it with every aspect of this building.” Devin Cutting

“Palm has been a great way to detach a little bit and reminds me to live in the moments more often. It’s like a mini phone away from my phone! I’ve noticed myself not checking my phone as often. It’s been fun to try it out and remember what life is all about!” -Sabrina Wright

“I didn't want to sacrifice features and performance just to go small, and didn't have to with Palm! Awesome so far. Besides, I have strange thumbs that can't reach across more than a 3-4 inch screen, so this little screen is a joy to use, and yet is big enough to show everything in all my apps. Just, wow.” David LaRocque

“In a time when people are growing more concerned with digital wellbeing, this tiny phone takes a different approach to fighting internet addiction...the Palm offers just enough horsepower to perform all the basic smartphones duties and run your favorite apps, while its size and hands-off design encourages you to spend less time looking at a screen and more time enjoying life, which if you think about it, is sort of the whole point behind tech in the first place.” Gizmodo

“You can either use the Palm as a full-time phone — it works on all the major carriers — or as a companion device in which you can set it up to share the same number as your regular phone, when you only want to take the Palm...This is an awesome product that works great. And seriously once you get used to its size — which doesn’t take long — it makes you question why you even have a larger phone.Scott Kramer, Forbes

“This is the phone that will help you live your best life—a life in which Instagram, Slack, Facebook, and email are relegated to the back of your mind. Barely larger than a credit card, this phone relaxes your two-handed grip and liberates more of your pocket real estate.” Wired Magazine

“Small, solid and sleek. With most other smartphones growing in size, and jersey-pocket real estate at a premium, the Palm is an ideal solution for cyclists. I was able to fit my Palm, with case, in a secure zippered jersey pocket as well as tucked inside my saddle bag.” Trevor Raab, Bicycling Magazine


One For You... And Your Valentine Too

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