Hello World! Meet Palm.

Meet the new Palm

Back in 1996, Palm released the PalmPilot and forever changed the mobile handheld game. Today Palm is back—same name but a whole new company. We’re a small San Francisco-based start up harnessing that same innovative spirit to help bring people out of their tech and into their lives.

At Palm, we value and cherish physical connections and friendships over everything else. We believe that the tech in our lives should compliment our physical world, not distract us from it. Every last detail of Palm is designed to reflect these values. We want to make it easier to stay connected without being completely consumed by our devices.

Our Team

We want tech to be invisible. We want it to enhance our lives. This is why we created Palm. Just like the Palm device, our team is small but mighty. Our little crew has some big ideas about the future of wearables. We were inspired to create a smarter companion device by the creators who live life outside of their screens.


Setting Out to Break Screen Addiction

Our founders Dennis Miloseski and Howard Nuk designed Palm as a solution to a very real problem. Year by year, smartphones get bigger and more invasive. Screen time is harder to avoid as we are become over-reliant on our smartphones.

That’s why we knew we had to do more than just make Palm small. There are already a million tiny wearables on the markets, so we made Palm smarter. Along with its mini frame, Palm’s unique software features speed up your digital interactions.

With your custom notification settings, Palm won’t be bugging and distracting you from the real world. This basically means, less screen time, less tapping, fewer notifications and more quality time with the people around you.

Palm is device that frees you from your giant smartphone. Remember, this thing is the size of a credit card, so it is not meant to be a replacement for your smartphone. Palm is the perfect solution for those times when you can’t (or just don’t want to) bring your huge phone. You can leave your phone at home, charging on your nightstand, and bring your Palm along to any event or activity. You’ll still have all your apps, access to both a front and rear camera, LTE, Google Assistant and WIFI so you’ll never feel disconnected. More importantly, you won’t be needlessly distracted by digital notifications, so you can truly live outside your screen and be more present in the moments that matter.


Whether going on a run, headed to your kid’s soccer game, or meeting friends for coffee, Palm is designed for those moments you want to travel a little lighter and live life outside the screen.

A real solution to a real problem

We’ve all seen the news stories and reports about the dangers of excessive screen time. Studies show that children who spend more time immersed in screens often lack the interpersonal and communication skills to succeed in the real world. It isn’t just parents who are concerned about screen time—we can all get more out of our lives if the tech we use is smarter and less invasive.

Your Palm experience

Everybody uses their tech in their own unique way. At Palm, we are surprised and excited by all the ways our users are getting the most out of their device. The Palm story is really your story—how you love it, how you use it and how it helps you live in the moment.

We want to hear your Palm story. Let us know how you’re using Palm in your life. Tag us @Palm or submit your story here. #PalmCrew