How This Photographer Found Peace in the Palm of His Hands

As we sit here in our homes trying to remember what day of the week it is or what number day it is of self-isolation, we begin to get a little stir-crazy. Let’s just settle this and say it’s always Monday. This goes the same for Dan Ginn, a “Digital Nomad” journalist, and photographer for eight years.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he lived his life traveling around the world taking in the beauty that every new place provided. For the time being, however, those times have stopped, as the world has come to a standstill. You see, Dan, originally from the UK, has been traveling for the past two years on assignments to every place imaginable, but he is now finding himself trapped in Colombia.  

We discovered Dan from an article he published on Digital Trends and learned that he has a Palm phone that is helping him cope with these trying times and what he believes “will impact us all in different ways.” His story made us smile so we decided to reach out and learn more and how his tiny Palm smartphone has helped him continue to photograph and cope with his newfound life.  All shots included in this article were shot on Palm. 

Dan Ginn, Digital Nomad, Journalist, and Photographer

Dan Ginn, Digital Nomad, Journalist, and Photographer


In the current time, how has photography helped you manage? 

These are very testing times for people. We’re all facing this struggle together, but yet, it will impact us all in different ways. 

I’m what the world refers to a “Digital Nomad,” (personally I prefer a journalist that gets to see the world, but hey!) I move around a lot, and right now the freedom to do that has been taken away. Being in a world that we have not asked for puts pressure on our mind, it certainly has mine. For the past eight years, photography, writing, journalism have kept me sane throughout life. Thankfully, I’m still able to keep active with all three, even when I’m in mandatory quarantine.

The process of creating photographs has helped me stay away from any negative thoughts our current situation may bring. The process of creation is powerful, it’s meditative, and it allows me to focus my attention on something positive.

What do you find is the best way to choose what to photograph?

I shoot a lot of street and travel photography, so for me, it’s all about candid moments. When something in the real world makes you look twice, you know you’re potentially onto a good photograph. A question I ask myself is “will this image mean anything to me in 10 years?” And if I can’t answer yes, I don’t take the photograph.

What do you love the best about Photography?

Simple. It makes me feel good. Seeing a scene, taking the shot, it’s exciting. I’m in love with the idea of seeing something you deem to be powerful and sharing it with the world. Photography also opened the door for a career in journalism, I’ll always be grateful for that.

How has Palm been helpful during this current time?

Two ways. Firstly, with people having so much time on their hands, it’s easy to get sucked into toxic digital habits. But with Palm, I don’t have to worry about that. I only use the device when I really need to, and it allows me to keep my mind healthy.

Secondly, it allowed me to keep my main camera at home. I’m currently in Colombia where we are witnessing strict lockdowns.  I’m only authorized to leave the house twice a week, and only to get groceries. I can’t be seen walking around with a camera clearly taking pictures. The Palm is tiny, people do not register it when walking at a fast pace outside. If I do see something worth snapping, I can quickly take out my Palm and take the frame. Although, with how strict things have become, I’m not even sure it’s worth risking doing that anymore.

What do you like best about Palm?

I’m a minimalist and someone who gets addicted to their smartphone. I needed a phone that met my minimalist needs and curbed my smartphone addiction. Palm ticked all the boxes for what I need to have a healthy relationship with my tech.

The Palm comes with some limitations that other large phones may have, what are some advantages to having a Palm?

From a photography perspective, it’s extremely discreet. For someone who wants to go as unnoticed as possible, having a phone/camera that doesn’t bring unwanted attention is perfect. 

Has the pandemic changed the way you look at how you approach your work?

Completely. I shoot outside, and I’m stuck indoors. Right now the best I can do is experiment and work with what I’ve got. It’s a struggle right now, but I’m doing shoots with the people I live with and documenting my environment. It’s not my usual, but it’s enough to keep doing what I love.


We want to hear from you! How have you been using Palm during these times?