5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Connected in a Post-Pandemic World

And just like that, the world is opening back up again. After a roller-coaster year of quarantine, virtual hangouts and worrying about your family’s safety, it’s daunting to think about the post-Pandemic world. 

You spent so long perfecting your WFH (work from home) and PFH (parenting from home) balancing act. Many of you have had to step in and be a teacher, a tutor, a babysitter, a co-worker to your spouse or partner and a caregiver. It’s a lot to juggle. With schools opening back up and playdates IRL happening already- staying connected to your kids is a top priority to you and all parents. 

How can you stay in contact with your kids as they venture back out? With the best phone for kids...Palm!

We revolutionized the way you stay in the know with your kids. Say goodbye to worrying about drop-off/pick-up, your kid’s location and more!

Here’s how: 

Palm makes it easy to track your kids. 

Download a tracking app from the Google Family Suite and follow your kids wherever they might go. No more waiting for a text-back about the next playdate location, be on top of your kids safety and whereabouts independently right from your own Palm phone. Palm works really well with monitoring apps such as Google Family Link. The location-tracking and parental control options are fabulous, accurate, and dependable. 

Minimize Distractions

By utilizing parent approved apps on Palm or Google Family Link, you are able to minimize your kids distractions, monitor their screen time and help them stay connected to school, friends and being a kid. Teach your kids healthy digital habits so they can stay connected to the people around them rather than their device.

The Perfect Size for Small Hands

Palm actually fits into your kid’s hand. Say goodbye to worrying about a large smartphone falling out of your kids backpack or through their slippery fingers. Palm is the right size for smaller hands and is lightweight and practical for summer camp, school, errands and play dates.

The Only Phone Durable For Kids

Palm is both strong and durable, made with Gorilla Glass and is rated IP68 water and dust resistant, so when slips inevitably happen, you’re covered. Never worried about shattered screens or post-swim class accidents with your kids device! 

Save Money

Say goodbye to paying tons of money for your kids device. Stay connected with Calls & Messaging so you can reach your kids anytime, anywhere for only $5/month. Give your kids a direct line to you, family, friends and teachers without breaking the bank!

Stay connected while building a healthy digital/IRL balance for you and your family with Palm! 

Get your very own Kid Bundle on sale for just $149. This bundle includes a new unlocked Palm Phone, and Portable Keychain Battery, and a US Mobile SIM Card (FREE for 30 days). Plans starting at $5 a month!

How will YOU stay connected to your kid as the world opens back up? Follow us at @Palm and let us know!