How to Use Life Mode on Palm: Tips & Tricks

Life Mode on Palm best small smartphone

With World Mental Health Day coming up on Saturday, it’s important to take a step back and understand how we use our phones today and just how much wasted time we spend on these digital devices. Now 7 months into a worldwide pandemic, our screen time is rising even higher than it was before this crisis, which makes sense since we are all stuck inside. However, we have to pause and take into account how this additional screen time is affecting us. By reducing the amount of time we spend on social media and news sites, we can actually take more control over where we want to put our energy.

At Palm, we talk a lot about Life Mode. For us, Life Mode has two meanings. First and foremost, Life Mode is a feature on Palm that silences notifications and helps to save battery life. However, we also reference #LifeMode as our company ethos. We want to encourage consumers to reevaluate their relationship with their smartphones and take control back over what gets their time and attention. 

Life Mode on Palm best small smartphone

That’s where Life Mode the feature comes into play. More and more, we’re hearing people say that they are actively trying to disconnect from their tech. At Palm, we support and celebrate this idea. While we are not advocating disconnecting entirely, we invented Life Mode for those times when what’s going on in your real life is more important than those digital moments.

As more people are looking to take control back of their digital lives, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for using Life Mode on Palm.

What is the Life Mode feature on Palm?

Life mode is a unique feature that puts you in control of what gets your attention, so you’ll never miss out on life’s most important moments. It’s designed to help you manage your digital notifications so you aren’t needlessly distracted. Life Mode truly lets you connect on your terms by blocking out the noise of our digital lives.

How does Life Mode work?

Life Mode puts you in control of what gets your attention, so you’ll never miss out on life’s most important moments. When you have Life Mode turned on, you will not be disturbed by calls, texts or app notifications when your screen is off. 

However, turning on Life Mode won’t interrupt your current activity if you’re on a call, streaming music or a podcast, recording your workout, run or ride, or using navigation or GPS apps. 

As soon as you wake the screen by tapping the side button, your Palm becomes fully connected and your customized notifications appear. Just like that, you’ve reconnected on your own terms.

Easy to Customize

One of the best things about Life Mode is that you can choose what gets your attention. By customizing your Life Mode settings, you decide which notifications pop up when you wake the screen.

Simply go to your settings and scroll down to find Life Mode. From there, you can choose which apps are able to notify you when the screen is on. Under “Advanced Options” you can enable or disable apps from notifying you when your screen is on. 

Setting Timers

We all have times where we need to be reachable and maximize connectivity. It is these times when using the Life Mode timer comes in handy to ensure that you’re getting The Life Mode Timer allows you to temporarily suspend Life Mode so all your calls and notifications come through, even when your screen is off. When the timer is up, Life Mode will resume.

Life Mode on Palm best small smartphone

Save Battery Life

One of the biggest benefits of using Life Mode on Palm is to preserve your battery life. While we intentionally sized Palm down so that it can literally fit into the palm of your hand, we also understood that it meant having a smaller battery in order to fit into the device. 

With Life Mode turned on, it turns off the radio signals so your phone isn’t constantly searching for a signal or for incoming notifications to then serve you. Using Palm with Life Mode regularly turned on will help your battery last for multiple days

Every last detail of Life Mode was designed to help you live in the moment. Show us how you #LifeMode by joining the conversation on social or share your story with us here.