How You Like To Unplug Based On Your Sign

Too much screen time? Here is how you should unplug and disconnect based on your sign:



You love to be active, so it’s no surprise that you cope best with digital burnout by stretching your legs and hitting the pavement. Running or jogging is the perfect way for you to unplug, flex your competitive streak (can you beat your personal best mile time?)!


Being one with nature is truly your happy place. As an earth sign, you thrive when you’re able to use your passion for nurturing to watch something grow. Tending to your herb or regular garden, watering your plants or strolling through the local nursery will help you unwind and feel your best.


A born communicator, you love to connect with others and command the room. Taking a break from digital connection means getting out there and connecting IRL. Grabbing coffee with a friend, going for a walk or picnic with friends will help you disconnect to reconnect. 


Highly intuitive and emotionally tuned in can mean that digital burnout feels extra stressful for Cancers. Try going offline to learn a new recipe to share with your loved ones. Time spent thoughtfully preparing a meal from the heart will make you feel refreshed and creative.


You are outgoing and passionate, and enjoy creative experiences that allow you to be playful and feel confident. Trying a new workout class (either IRL or virtually) will help you get active, set a clear goal and dominate with some friendly competition. Try a virtual dance workout to jam to songs you enjoy while being active!


You love getting lost in the details and feel right at home when working hands-on to create something from scratch. An art project is the perfect way to disconnect and get in touch with your artsy side. Try a paint-by-numbers kit to flex your artistic side while relaxing and decompressing. If you pick a print you like, you can frame it and add it to your home decor!


Forever a social butterfly, you love to disconnect your phone to enjoy being out and about nurturing relationships with others. Try organizing a game night with your friends to enjoy some fun drinks and games to get you off your phone and into the competitive board game spirit!


You feel powerful when you’re able to reflect inward and spend quality time with yourself, so activities like meditation and journaling will help you re-center and decompress. Try using a journal with prompts to reconnect with your inner self and your goals while unplugging from social media and notifications.


A lover of all things adventure, you feel most like yourself when you get to experience new things outside your comfort zone. Try exploring a new part of your city or going on a day trip to see something new. You can also spend time planning your next vacation and dreaming of travel through trying a new restaurant, or reading about your favorite destination.


The occasional introvert, you love feeling grounded and experiences that bring peace and quiet to your life. You are very practical and gain a lot from taking time to unplug by reconnecting with yourself through yoga and meditation. Try taking a virtual or IRL yoga class to unwind and center yourself.


You love any opportunity to be creative, unique and learn something new. Working on a puzzle is a great way to appeal to your goal-oriented mind while disconnecting from your phone in a thoughtful and relaxing way!


An intuitive and sensitive water-sign, you love spending time offline at the beach. Try going for a walk by your local beach, lake or creek, swimming at your local pool or taking a relaxing bubble bath to disconnect from notifications and enjoy the moment!


How else do YOU enjoy spending time offline? P.S. Don’t forget to see how your moon and rising signs like to unplug to find even more activities that you’ll love!

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