Is It Time to Add a Second Phone to Your life?

Sometimes Downsizing is an Upgrade


The current state of affairs has found ourselves working from home. At times we are now in front of screens most of our days and nights and work seems to not stop at 5 pm. One way we can help gain a better balance within our lives while working from home is to get a second phone. Just because you can’t meet your friend for happy hour at a bar, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink at home after work, or go for a walk, and finish your day. Setting up those boundaries and putting yourself on a schedule is still needed. Now is the time to ask yourself if you need a second phone? There are many reasons and advantages to having one. Even now when we are working from home, we should still see the benefits. Being able to separate work and your personal life is an excellent way to start. 

Let’s look at a few top reasons why it might be time for you to consider adding a second smartphone to your lifestyle. You decide.

Because Work/Life Balance Is Real


In the era of information sharing mishaps and numerous data breaches, many people are beginning to be more uncomfortable sharing their personal information so freely, especially with business contacts. Having a second phone helps to keep work and personal lives apart. This also helps make sure that work doesn’t interrupt and distract your night when you are off the clock, at home, connecting to your family and loved ones. Maybe you’re a teacher and need a second line to connect to parents and students with the new virtual classroom learning.  By adding a second device like Palm, it helps keep you connected to what matters, without the distractions that interfere. If working from home has you off your routine. Learn to use some hacks. Check our blog that discusses the importance of sticking to a routine and some tips to help. 

Because Accidents Happen & Kids Destroy Phones

Another upside to having a second phone is when accidents happen, you have a spare on hand. Having two phones is very helpful if one of them runs out of battery or the eventual screen break happens. How many times have you been out on the town and you look down at your phone and the battery has died? Or you see it slowly fall and hit the pavement and the screen cracks? Instead of panicking, why not just reach inside your bag and start up your spare second phone.  Since working from home is the norm these days, and If you have kids at home on top of that, having a second phone should be a no-brainer. You may think handing them your $1000+ device will keep them entertained until they come back with it completely destroyed. It did keep them entertained though! So, having an optional phone in your drawer would definitely come in handy. (Side note, Palm comes water and dust resistant and made with Gorilla glass, so basically somewhat kid resistant.)

Because Sometimes You Need to Get Out of the House

Even when we are practicing social distancing, we still need to get some fresh air. So, whether that’s taking a walk down to the local park, stepping out in your backyard, going for a run to get some exercise, you may not want to bring that $1000 priced phone that feels like it is going to slip out of your pocket at any moment. Being able to swap out to a smaller, more portable device makes sense.  Palm is a great option for you. It allows you to be connected but not consumed, and still gives you access to your running apps, music, maps and more. 


Because It’s Easier Than Ever to Do It

Adding a second number is easier than ever. There are now numerous apps that allow one smartphone to have two separate and distinct lines. These apps include Google Voice, eVoice, and Flyp, just to name a few. Just be aware of the plans that are being offered when shopping for a second line. Many services offer multiple ways and options regarding minutes, data, etc. Although this option isn’t a second phone, it is a way to reclaim some of your time back. Palm has exclusive plans starting at $5 with U.S. Mobile, so instead of adding a second line with your current carrier, getting a new line and phone with Palm solves two birds with one stone. 

Because Palm is a Great Second Phone

The decision to have a second phone totally depends on your lifestyle. We understand your lifestyle can be different from others. So, here at Palm, we created different ways to connect a second phone(And between you and me we think it’s great.) Our companion option gives you the luxury to have a second phone that shares your current phone number. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for a new option for connecting during weekends, exercising, traveling and more. This is through our mobile partner Verizon, which can be purchased online as well as in-store. Looking for a phone that doesn’t need to share your number? Palm is the best work/life balance phone. Keep your personal phone for work, and let Palm be your secret number that your work colleagues don’t need to know. Let’s keep that one for the family, friends, and teammates on your recreation softball league. 

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