Life Mode Movement: Practicing Healthy Digital Habits

The dust and confetti of the New Year have settled and a new year is here, whether we’re ready for it or not. As we went around the Palm office and talked about our personal goals for the year—go to the gym, spend more time with family, eat healthier, read more books, travel more—it became clear that all our aspirations for the coming year had nothing to do with technology. If anything, our goals were anti-tech. Not one of us said, “This year, I want more screen time.”

For many, the New Year is a time to recenter, and to focus on what really matters in life. At Palm, we are collectively resolving to make healthier digital choices in our lives. Palm is the perfect companion for fulfilling such a lofty resolution because it is specifically designed to help you focus on what’s most important. The problem is that tech can often distract us from our goals as screen time overtakes gym time, sleep time, or family time.

Now, of course, we’re a tech company and Palm is a tech device. But, Palm is a new type of device that is expressly designed to reduce screen time and break your over-reliance on your primary smartphone. That is, less screen time and more time making good on your New Year’s resolutions.

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Life Mode Goals

We built Palm to be faster, smarter, and less invasive. We always say Palm isn’t just smaller, it’s smarter. Life Mode is the prime example of just how smart Palm is, and how it can realistically let you practice healthier digital habits and spend more time outside of the screen.

Mobile devices, with their endless pinging, dinging, and ringing are downright distracting. Life Mode turns those distractions off. You can customize your Life Mode settings so that, when it is turned on, you only get the notifications you want, and nothing more. By eliminating pesky notifications and invasive screen time, it’s that much easier to engage with the people around you. And, since Palm is so small, you can slide it into your slimmest pocket and forget about it until you need it. No huge screen sticking out of your back pocket and no constant buzzing from your wrist.

Ultimately, Life Mode is the perfect encapsulation of the Palm ethos because it lets you spend less time staring at the screen and more time engaging in real life.

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Join the Life Mode Movement

Life Mode is more than just a handy feature on your Palm. It’s a movement dedicated to helping people live in the moment—people who aren’t afraid to turn on Life Mode and focus on the physical world around them. The Life Mode Movement is dedicated to finding a healthier balance between the physical and digital worlds.

Whether you have a Palm or not, Life Mode is a choice you can make for a better balance of our physical and digital worlds. But, Palm makes it so much easier to truly unplug without feeling disconnected. Already, we’re seeing users like Brooke Webb turn on Life Mode because “staying connected is super important but so is disconnecting. #LifeMode gives me an opportunity to dial into my surroundings and actively engage.”

How Do You #LifeMode?

It doesn’t take much to get going. Even just spending 5 less minutes looking at your phone each day is a great starting point. That adds up to over 30 hours in a year. 30 hours you can spend fulfilling your other resolutions.

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What healthier digital habits are you going to focus on this year? How can #LifeMode help you achieve these goals? We can’t wait to see all the different ways you Life Mode—whether you have a Palm or not.

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