#LifeMode in Action

With the proliferation of smartphones today, our devices have become an important part of our lives. Have you ever forgotten your phone at home and felt completely naked the rest of your day? Yep, we’ve been there too. However, even though our phones can help us get through the day, there are also times when they can be hurtful and actually negatively affect our lives and relationships.

More and more, we’re hearing people say that they are actively trying to disconnect from their tech. At Palm, we support and celebrate this idea. While we are not advocating disconnecting entirely, we invented Life Mode for those times when what’s going on in your real life is more important than those digital moments.

Our Life Mode movement is something we’ve been talking about ever since we launched back in November 2018, and we are seeing it really start to take off. From celebrities to athletes to musicians alike, the concept of putting your tech down and focusing on what’s in front of you is gaining traction. Just listen to Stephen Curry in his latest post on Instagram:

Obviously Stephen is on track for a Warrior’s NBA Playoffs win, something that not everyone can relate to, but #LifeMode takes many forms and can mean something different for everyone. Check out some other #LifeMode stories:

Ashley Houston shared her #LifeMode story on her blog: “Our cell phones now let us have everything at our fingertips and as amazing as it can be, it can also hurt us and hinder our personal connections. While juggling real life and the digital era, we often end up sacrificing one for the other. I have found myself countless times giving more attention to my phone over my own children...You truly start to understand how addicting your screen can be when you decide to step away from it. Your life is so much richer when you focus on the here and now. I really feel like it has made me more creative and helped me focus on my true passions. Life is all about balance so find yours.”

Palm smartphone Ashley Houston

Janise from California wrote, “I love the #LifeMode feature because it lets me control what gets my attention so that I can focus on #selfcare practices like listening to my favorite music and jogging. #LifeModeMovement.”



Mark from Iowa wrote, “Recently I have been trying to reduce the amount of time that I spend on my phone, and I’ve really been trying to be more present in moments.”

Palm smartphone #LifeMode


Sabrina found how important it is to disconnect, saying, “Life goes by so fast for me, between working, traveling and spending time with close ones. I’m so afraid that I don’t live in the moments as much as I used to. Now that I work from my phone and connect with friends on my phone on a daily basis, I feel like I’m glued to it! Life is too short, and I think we all need that little reminder on here!”

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Noozhat from Florida shared, “As much as I love social media, I like to take a break and spend quality time during the weekends, and @palm helps me do that by with #LifeMode. No distractions, just living in the moment!”

pink glasses woman holding palm


Hunter from Salt Lake City wrote, “It’s easy to be distracted with our big XXXL iPhones. It was so nice to pull out the Palm and snap a quick photo and not be completely taken out of the moment.”

palm instagram testimony


Skye shared her story on Instagram: “Days like this I’m so happy @Palm and #Lifemode exists. I’ve been using my new little companion phone when I’m on the go or want to be fully present in whatever I’m doing. We all know how great our smartphones are, but we all know how unnecessary of a distraction they can be as well. With #Lifemode it’s like a Do Not Disturb Sign for notifications. @Palm connects you to everything you need, and nothing you don’t.”

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Brooke from Nashville said, “I’m entering #LifeMode with my new @palm! Being an on-the-go working Mom, staying connected is super important but so is disconnecting. #LifeMode gives me an opportunity to dial into my surroundings and actively engage.”

palm at a meal


Francois share to his Instagram, “Because of all the notifications I get, my phone can be a real source of distraction, which can easily ruin the moment at times when being present is important. Being ultra mobile and very smart, my new @Palm allows me to be both connected and present. Whether at the gym or having dinner out with my husband, it has become my new companion. #PalmCrew #LifeMode

palm instagram testimony

We want to hear your story - what does Life Mode mean to you? Share you story with us here, or share your story using #LifeMode on social.