#LifeMode Stories: Smino

Earlier this week we shared stories from our #PalmCrew showing what #LifeMode means to them and why they think it’s important, including from NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Today we wanted to share another story, this time from trendsetting music artist, Smino.

As a musician who is always on the go from city to city, show to show, it’s important for anyone with that type of demanding schedule to stay grounded, stay connected and carve out time to reset and recharge. As Smino puts it, “I give my fans 1000% of me–I love them–but at the end of the day I’ve got to detach. I just try to focus on something else; just anything that’s not a screen in your face.”

We live in a world full of distractions, and they can come from every angle, so being able to turn off and shut down when you can helps you not only focus on what’s important, but helps to keep you on your game. “When I want to get in the zone for a show, I just try to get quiet, I try to make my brain quiet. By the time I get on stage, nothing is quiet.” Having that time to disconnect without any distractions from his devices is the best way Smino can prepare for his shows.

Hear from Smino in his own words about what #LifeMode means to him:

Life Mode is about living in the moment, changing the relationship you have with your devices and living life outside of your screens. So whether you’re meeting up with friends or family this weekend, or heading to Coachella to catch Smino live, make sure to put your Palm in #LifeMode and live in the moment, or as Smino said, “Experience this moment!”

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