Live.Life.Easy: A Mobile Lifestyle Shift

If there’s one aspect that truly represents the technological whirlwind of the 2010s, it’s the lightning-fast evolution of our smartphones. Over the past ten years our phones have become more capable and powerful than we could have ever imagined. At the start of the decade nobody would’ve predicted just how integral phones would become to our daily lives. By 2020 we’ve become so reliant on these huge phablets for almost every aspect of our day, however, these always-on devices can ultimately distract us from the things that matter most in our lives.  

We’ve been looking back at the 2010s to help understand how we got to this point and what we might be able to look forward to in this decade.

Bigger is Not Always Better

One thing we learned from the evolution of smartphones during the 2010s is the fact that bigger is not always better. We don’t all need a 7” UHD screen in our pockets all day every day—especially when most of them can’t even fit in any of our pockets. So much for being mobile! 

Most of today’s phones aren’t just too big, they’re also packed with tech features that we never fully utilize. A full terabyte of storage? Good luck using up all that storage before it’s time for a new phone. While some people do love and utilize all the cutting-edge features in today’s top-of-line devices, most of us just don’t need or want all that tech. And it’s hard to justify spending over $1,000 on a new phone when all we use it for is sending texts, checking social media, and snapping a photo here and there. 

When Less Is More

Bigger and brighter screens, faster processors, better speakers—every aspect of today’s smartphone is designed to grab and hold our attention. And this is why we often find ourselves phubbing (to snub someone to look at your phone) the people around us. We’re missing out on IRL in favor of IG, DMs and SMS. But there are a ton of smartphone users who would rather live life outside the screen instead of being constantly distracted by their digital world. In this new decade, we believe that less is more when it comes to our mobile devices. 

Simpler phones, focused more on the utility of the device over anything else, are attractive to people who don’t want to spend a fortune on features they’ll never use. Utility, reliability, and user friendliness is the name of the game. Luckily, you don’t need to deprive yourself of tech or sacrifice when it comes to connectivity because a number of smartphone developers are making simpler phones packed with all the tech you need, and nothing more. These phones encourage you to be more deliberate and intentional with your usage, making it easier to spend less time looking at the screen. They don’t monopolize our attention and encourage screen addiction, giving us a little more space to live life outside of the screen.

With every new generation and keynote event, there is a ton of buzz surrounding the shiny-new-toy features of the latest and greatest phones. But, when the dust settles, whether we break the bank on the latest model or keep our old beater, we end up using our phone in the same way. We’re still just taking selfies and sending texts and emails.

Live Life Easy

Modern mobile minimalism is not based on depriving yourself of tech or making sacrifices when it comes to connectivity. Rather, it means being more deliberate and intentional with the tech that we use. Simpler phones, focused more on the utility of the device over anything else, are attractive to people who don’t want to spend a fortune on features they’ll never use. 

By their very nature, phones like Palm don’t kick up a ton of dust. They’re smaller. They’re modest. They’re straightforward. They’re affordable. And, you’re not going to see ads and tech articles about them every time you blink. Minimalist mobile devices don’t necessarily have outdated specs or less of the features you want, and they don’t leave you any less connected. They just have the features and specs that you will actually use without all the excess that make flagship phones so expensive. Luckily, there are more and more phones being designed where user friendliness is the name of the game. 

Modern mobile minimalism is not just a choice of phone—it also has to be a lifestyle choice. Most minimalist phones will still have access to all those apps that can eat up so much of our screen time. These phones make it easier to live in the moment, and not on the screen, when our phones aren’t constantly buzzing and barking at us. With less clutter and fewer distractions on our screens, we can move forward in this new decade with mobile tech enhancing our lives… not causing unnecessary distractions… not consuming our attention… and not complicating our lives. Because at Palm we’re intent on creating mobile devices that will help us live life easy in 2020 and beyond.

Connect On Your Terms

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