Meet our Newest Palm Crew Member: Greg Plater

We'd like to introduce you to our newest crew member here at Palm: Greg Plater. He has joined our marketing team as Marketing Coordinator Intern and will be supporting the team in many ways. Greg is a former professional basketball player and has played all around the world from Costa Rica to China. In addition to being a star athlete, Greg also launched his own platform, The Intellectual Athlete, "a lifestyle brand devoted to merging and redefining the boundaries of the intellectual, artist, and athlete" by providing a platform for them to share their stories and creativity to diverse audiences. We sat down with Greg (virtually) to learn more about him and why he chose to join Palm, how he gets into #LifeMode, and of course, what he will ask Stephen Curry when they meet. 

What made you want to work at Palm?

The values of being disconnected from technology and engaging in the real world are extremely important to me. I want to work with companies that are making an impact and Palm is bridging the gap between athletes, creatives, and innovators in an authentic way. I’ve always been an underdog so joining a small team where everyone does so much is an exciting challenge that I know will offer so much growth and learning opportunities.

What are some ways you go into #LifeMode?

#LifeMode for me is exercise, camping, basketball, reading, creating, and spending time connecting with loved ones. In July I ran 100 miles which helped strengthen my mental health given the roller coaster that 2020 has been. I wish I had my Palm back then to track my runs!

Tell us one interesting fact about you.

I played professional basketball internationally for 6 years on several continents which allowed me to travel to over twenty countries.

What was your favorite place to play?

Costa Rica was easily my favorite place because I won a championship in my first season as a pro, met my current partner, and still have strong relationships with many people there.

What will be your first question when you meet Stephen Curry?

I’ll definitely make sure to ask him to a 3pt contest. I'm a solid shooter so it should be fun.