Meet Your New Fitness Partner: Palm

2019 is in full swing, and many of us are just trying to keep up with our ambitious resolutions. At Palm, many of our goals are fitness focused—more time outside, more hours in the gym and living a healthier lifestyle.

As we resolve to drag ourselves to the gym—rain or shine—we’ve realized that Palm is really the only thing you need to bring with you to get a killer workout. Let us explain...

Palm can fit anywhere

One of the best and most notable things about Palm is its size. Have you seen Palm in person? If you haven’t, go check it out at your closest Verizon or Best Buy store. It’s seriously small…super small. No matter your fitness routine, Palm can fit into the smallest running shorts or tightest yoga pants. Stephen Curry wears his Palm in his sport sleeve to practice shooting so he can monitor his performance without any bulky device messing up his shot or hampering his movement. We can’t guarantee that Palm will enable you to shoot like Curry, but it’s a good place to start.

palm steph 

But it's not just Stephen Curry who is using Palm for workouts. We’re seeing Palm users all over the world take advantage of the size and capability of Palm as a fitness device. For example, Brett Copeland says Palm is his “new companion for running adventures and gym sessions! Small enough to fit in my running shorts pocket, powerful enough to do nearly everything my iPhone does.”

All your fitness apps

One of the best things about using Palm as a fitness companion is that you can download any app in the Google Play Store, so you can leave your big phone at home and let Palm be your new +1 at the gym. There’s a ton of great fitness apps to choose from, but we’ve been loving NEO U, Strava, Google Fit, Cyclemeter and Nike+ Run (more on those later!).

Even the simplest fitness app can help you stay focused on your goals. But, when using your big phone during workouts, you can get continuously interrupted by all your other apps (texts, DMs, work emails, etc.), making it hard to stay focused on your workout. How often have you caught yourself scrolling through social media while sitting on the exercise bike or elliptical?


Luckily, Palm has a software feature called Life Mode that can block out those other notifications that are just going to distract you from your workout. When Life Mode is on you can still stream your music and run your fitness app, while blocking all notifications from other apps. It is super easy to customize your Life Mode settings for the gym so that you only get the notifications you want, so you can tuck your Palm away into your yoga pants, gym shorts or sport sleeve and focus only on getting your sweat on.

Bring your music, not your whole life

While some of us might be able to hit up the gym without our fitness apps, most of us wouldn’t even think about doing any type of workout without our music. To many, a good workout playlist is just as essential as the proper footwear. This is why so many people bring their giant smartphone to the gym. You want to have your favorite music playlist, so you of course bring your big phone, but it doesn’t fit into your workout gear, so you end up carrying it around the gym, checking up on IG, responding to work emails, and reading the news...everything except actually working out. Not to mention, there’s a risk you’ll damage your expensive phone during all this multitasking. We’ve all seen that person on the treadmill or elliptical who gets tangled up in their headphones and the next thing you know their phone is flying across the room.

Palm can do all the things your big phone can, except it can fit anywhere. If you want to take a gym selfie (something you can’t do with other fitness trackers), we’re not here to judge. With your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones and Life Mode turned on, your Palm becomes a super personalized fitness devices. You can listen to pretty much any song on the planet, not deal with a huge phone or tangled headphones, or annoying notifications from other apps.


Perfect for Wellness and Meditation

Of course, not all of us are that worried about hitting the gym. Some of us are focusing on our mental wellness with meditation, yoga, more time outside and better sleep. Using meditation and mindfulness apps—such as Calm or Headspace—on your Palm is ideal since you will be able to get through an entire meditation session without being distracted once by notifications, calls and/or texts, especially when in Life Mode.

yoga pants

We’ve all had New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside, but things can be different in 2019 with Palm. With a smarter workout companion by your side, you’ll have more fun staying active.

Tell us: what are some of your favorite music playlists and fitness apps?