New Decade, New You: Let’s Get Physical

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In all honesty, we’re struggling to wrap our heads around the fact that 2020 is just two weeks old! With all the exasperating global news, it really seems like it has been much, much longer. It seems like it was ages ago that we were enjoying the NYE festivities, singing Auld Lang Syne, and getting gung-ho about our New Year’s Resolutions. So, we won’t blame you if—like us—you’re already slipping on some of those 2020 fitness goals.

January is always the time that we resolve to get in shape and lose that holiday weight. But, we’re not going to try to motivate you to hit the gym or get cracking on that diet. Those things are great, but we want to share a much simpler message with you that will carry into the new year and the new decade. Fitness goals are personal to each individual, and regardless of the scope or ambition of your goals going into this new decade, it will be easier to achieve them if we use our phones to empower and not distract from our plans.

Body and Mind

No matter what you do to stay active, there’s nothing better than simply sweating it out. Being active encourages proper blood flow to the brain, brings oxygen to the skin and relieves stress. Physical exercise makes us happier and more relaxed overall. Basically, it’s good for our bodies and our minds.

Whether you’re trying to complete an Ironman or you’re just trying to get outside more often for the occasional walk, the distractions from mobile devices can stifle even the most motivated person. When we spend hours looking at our phones instead of breathing in that fresh air, it affects our physical health and mental wellness.

Best smartphone for fitness Palm

Numerous studies have shown that mental and physical wellness are closely associated, and recent research has also found concrete links between increased mobile screen time and the development of mental and physical health problems. We need to be more intentional when it comes to using our mobile devices so that they enhance our physical endeavors, rather than distract us from them.

A Step Towards Clarity

We aren’t proposing anything radical when it comes to altering our relationships with our phones. There are a number of workout apps that can help us track our progress, reach our goals and motivate us to go harder, longer and faster. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with having your favorite playlist or podcast to keep you company while you sweat it out. But, when we bring our phone along during physical activities we also run the risk of simply scrolling mindlessly through all of our other apps instead of actually enjoying the activity we set out for. If you can keep your phone in Life Mode (or your phone’s equivalent), you can take a real step towards clarity. You can push yourself on the stationary bike, work up a sweat at Pilates, or just walk around the neighborhood to clear your head after a long day at work. And just as you can enjoy the benefits of working up a sweat, you can also enjoy the uninterrupted break from your digital life.

Best smartphone for fitness Palm

Triathlete Dellany Elizabeth told us that it’s not all about competition and reaching peak physical condition. She also enjoys just getting a break from her phone: “The times when you are digging deep, connecting with yourself on a different level, those are the times we crave as athletes. Those times are why we do what we do and Palm allows you to escape the world and be in your escape, just for a little, while still staying safe and connected.” Dellany’s approach to working out really proves the point that the time we spend during physical activities really is our time, and we should keep it that way.

Setting Goals

As we kick off this long decade, it really is the best time to look forward and set long term goals. If we can be more mindful of how and when we use our phones, we can live in the moment and reclaim our time. This is especially true when it comes to staying active. We’re bound to get so much more out of any physical activity if we can focus and leave behind our digital commitments, even for a little bit.  


Best smartphone for fitness Palm