Palm Crew's Picks: Favorite Fitness Apps

From Barry’s Bootcamp to Core Power Yoga to SoulCycle, there seems to be a new fitness fad every year. No matter how you get your fitness kicks, there seems to be an app for every possible type of workout. However, it’s becoming hard to bring our giant smartphones along on our workouts because they are getting so big they simply don’t fit anywhere.

The beauty of Palm is that it is the size of most fitness wearables, but it can run any app on Google Play, so you can leave your big phone at home. Whether you’re a gym rat, professional athlete, cyclist, or yoga junkie, you can use Palm to track your performance with your favorite app and stream your essential workout playlist.

Palm fitness

Everyone here at Palm has different ways of working out, meditating and tracking fitness, and therefore we all use our Palms in different ways. Here’s a quick run down of how our Palm employees are using Palm to stay fit in 2019:

Top Fitness Apps:

  • Strava
  • NEO U
  • Google Fit App
  • SoulCycle
  • Headspace

Fitness Apps Honorable Mentions:

  • Nike Run Club
  • Calm
  • Under Armour MapMyFitness
  • Healthmate

Our Head of Marketing, Collin Willardson, takes a different approach to his fitness routines. “While I’ve never been one to belong to a gym or pay for fitness classes, I still love to be outside and get moving. I actually love the app History Here so I can learn while walking and exploring with my Palm.”

Top Fitness Gear:

  • Headphones: B&O E8, Gear IconX 2, PowerBeats3
  • Clothing: Outdoor voices, Lululemon, Alo Yoga
  • Water bottles: Hydro Flask, Blender Bottle

Top Music Apps:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Pandora Music

For many of us, music is the most essential workout companion, and the main reason we bring our Palm along when working out. While our music preferences vary greatly, it’s clear that KYGO was the Palm team’s favorite artist to listen to while working out. But, each of us had our favorites.

palm smartphone


Our Director of Marketing, Lauren Harper, says, “I have two songs that I swear by to get me moving. The first song is ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ by Kid Cudi - the rhythm of that song is perfect for cardio, as I can time my stride to the beat. The other song that always pumps me up is ‘Lights and Sounds’ by Yellowcard. Great song for pushing through the last few minutes of my workout to finish strong.”

Rap is another popular genre for our Palm employees to listen to during workouts. In fact, both of our co-founders listed Drake as one of their go-to workout artists.

Our Head of Product, David Woodland, likes to switch things up when he works out. While he definitely enjoys listening to music, such as the Space Jam movie soundtrack (this makes more sense when you learn that David has four boys between the ages of 2-7), he also loves to pop in a good podcast while working out. “Pocket Casts syncs great across devices, and some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are The Ringer, House of Strauss, Light Years, Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss.”

fitness with Palm smartphone

No matter your fitness routine, Palm is the perfect companion. Whether you’re training for a competition, heading out for a ride, or even just going on a walk with friends, you can tuck your Palm discreetly into your fitness gear so you can track your workout and stream music without a bulky phone bulging out of your pockets.

We want to hear from you #PalmCrew - are you bringing Palm on your workouts? What are your favorite apps and playlists for working out?