Palm Partners With Teach For America To Help Keep Teachers Connected This School Year

Palm partners with Teach for America


The COVID-19 pandemic has left schools and teachers everywhere reorganizing, adapting, and changing the way they teach and communicate with students and their families. During our recent Palm phone donation program, we heard from several teachers about the need to have a second phone and direct line to their students and parents. Having a second phone doesn’t only keep teachers connected to parents and students, but it also allows them to create a sense of separation between work and home life and gain that quiet time to disconnect after a long day, and rest up for the next school day. 

In response to this, Palm has partnered with Teach for America Miami-Dade regional office for a back-to-school campaign benefiting the teachers who are currently enrolled in their program in that area. Together, our goal is to get a Palm smartphone to the 169 teachers that are going into the 2020-2021 school year. But we need your help! 


Palm Partners with Teach for America


We are asking for your help and support to join us in reaching our goal of equipping all teachers with a Palm phone.  


Palm Partner with Teach for America


How does it work? Visit our Teach for America page on our website. There you will be able to purchase a renewed Palm for just $99. Your purchase will go directly to the Teach for America Miami-Dade organization for them to distribute to their teachers, starting with those in the most need (i.e. teachers who don’t currently have a mobile device). These teachers serve students growing up in historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities with the majority being low-income and communities of color.

Help us reach our goal of supplying smartphones for these teachers who are helping to educate our youth.