#PalmCares: Donating Palms to Those in Need

While this pandemic hasn’t shown signs of slowing down yet, we’re heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and love that we’re seeing play out in communities across the country. Community leaders, government officials and brands alike have all come together to support those in need. Palm is appreciative to have a product that can have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives during this time. The power of connection is extremely important at a time like this, which is why on April 2, we kicked off a new program to give back to those who are in need of safely keeping connected during this pandemic. 

We are incredibly moved by the number of submissions we are receiving daily in response to our donation program. We consider it an honor to be able to hear from and help people who are putting themselves out there on the frontlines every day, as well as from those who are in the most need of support and connection right now. It’s been humbling and touching to read about what so many of you are experiencing in your lives and in the lives of the loved ones who you’ve nominated. 

We're happy to announce that so far we've donated five Palms in the past week and we wanted to share some of their stories here. 

This week’s Palms were donated to:

  • A Physician in Michigan
  • An EMT in Atlanta
  • A Special Education Social Worker in New York
  • A Nurse in Chicago
  • A Disabled Veteran from Texas

Here are a few of their stories:

Cody Stone, an EMT from Atlanta, knows that he’s putting himself directly at risk by going to work every day, but that’s the risk he is willing to take. However, knowing that his job now has the potential to put his family at risk, he decided to reach out to us. Here’s part of Cody’s story:

Overtime and PPE shortages are widespread throughout healthcare systems globally right now, and EMS is often thrown into unsafe and unpredictable situations. Of course, this comes with the job, and it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to provide a lifeline for some of society’s most vulnerable members.

Unfortunately, my current duty worries my family greatly. They are concerned that every time we speak by phone might be the last, and it’s hard to be adequately reassuring when I can’t be certain I’ll come through this unscathed. To make matters worse, my personal phone is from 2015 and has seen better days. It often has trouble making or receiving calls, and the battery rarely lasts more than an hour or two. Since this global crisis has started, I simply haven’t had time or the ability to get a replacement phone so I can stay in touch with my loved ones throughout the day to let them know I’m okay. I’m a big fan of the Palm phone, and I would consider myself fortunate to have the ability to communicate via such a thoughtfully designed device that can go anywhere.”

Wilson is a nurse in the emergency department at a hospital in Chicago. Like Cody, he too understands the dangers of his job, yet suits up for 12+ hour shifts, even without all the protective equipment he needs. Here’s Wilson’s story:

My name is Wilson and I am an Emergency Department Nurse in Chicago. I have always been interested in the Palm phone since working in the ED. I like the fact that it's compact, you can hide it in your scrubs, it's lightweight so it won't weigh you down, and it’s not as bulky as other phones so it won't pop out of your pocket when you need to spring into action.

With the COVID-19 taking on a new form, there are a lot of unknowns. At the end of the shift I usually change out of my scrubs and wipe down everything that I take with me into the department. This includes my phone. However, I'm constantly worrying about what kind of germs I bring home to my family. I worry about letting my niece or nephew use my phone because what if I didn't clean it as well as I thought I did? I can't live with the fact that I could have possibly infected them only because I didn't wipe my phone properly. 

The Palm phone is something I feel like I can use in the ED, wipe it down and leave it in my locker until my next shift. It'll give me a peace of mind knowing that, even with all the precautions I take, I am doing my part in trying to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Timothy is a retired disabled veteran that lives in Texas. Timothy doesn’t need much, but after paying all his monthly bills, he also can’t afford much, which is why he goes to his neighbor’s house anytime he wants to call his daughter, who lives in a different state. Here’s more from Timothy: 

“I am a 60-year-old disabled veteran and live alone. My daughter lives 1,800 miles away, she's my only contact and when I need to reach her, or her me, I go to a neighbor’s to call her. After I pay my rent, electricity bills and pay for my medications, I only have about $70 left for the month to buy food and other items. With all that’s going on, I am afraid for myself and my daughter, especially with no way of contacting her in an emergency. If I am lucky enough to be chosen, [having the Palm phone] would change my life.”

Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far. We are continuing to read through them and will continue to donate Palms to those in need. We are still accepting submissions for donations! If you or a loved one has a need for a donated Palm and 30 days of free service, email us your story today at Hello@palm.com. We look forward to hearing from you!