#PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Brett Copeland

The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help your learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the #PalmCrew is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months, and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and leave your big phone at home, and how it enables you to spend more time with the people that matter.

We love following the #PalmCrew on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like Brett Copeland, a marathon runner and fitness junkie, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is Brett’s Palm story:

Q: What caught your eye about Palm?

Brett: The size. I immediately thought that it would be perfect for running because it fits in my shorts pocket.

Q: What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one?

Brett: I was upgrading my iPhone to the XS when I first saw the Palm. The new iPhone wouldn't even fit in my waist belt, that's when I knew I needed something smaller.

Q: What is the primary phone you use today?

Brett: I use my iPhone during the work day and at home. I use Palm in Life Mode when I’m out with my wife, and I bring it along when it's time to hit the gym or go for a run.

Q: What are the main ways you use Palm today?

Brett: It stays in my car primarily and I use it for navigation since the Android version of Waze has Pandora support. I also use it for running and the gym. I got the sports sleeve that holds the Palm so I can just slap it on my wrist and I don’t even know it’s there, but I can still track what I need for my workout.

Q: We know you love running and fitness in general - what are your favorite apps to use on Palm?

Brett: The primary fitness apps installed are Garmin Connect and Strava. When combined with my Garmin watch, I can track my location and performance on runs. My favorite music apps are Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and Rock My Run. Each of those allows me to save music to the phone and so they don’t use data, while also saving battery life.

Uber and Lyft are also installed for when I do a point-to-point run and need a ride back to my car. As far as social apps, a few are installed just in case I have to check in on things. Facebook has a Lite version of their app and the Messenger app. Instagram is also on it since that's my primary social app as far as promoting brands.

Palm smartphone users #PalmCrew

Q: Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using your main phone?

Brett: I feel much less distracted when using Palm. Sometimes I feel guilty when I stop for a beer after work and start playing on my iPhone. I'm tempted to use it exclusively when I’m not at home to minimize distractions.

Q: What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

Brett: I would love to see NFC in future models. I don't usually have my wallet or cash on me when I run, so it would be great for mobile payment solutions.

Q: What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm?

How do you like them? What other accessories would you like to see? Brett: I got a small case from Amazon that has a small magnet on the back and stays in the car to attach to my dash mount. I have the sport sleeve for the gym and the lanyard case for date nights. I also have a pair of Aftershokz headphones that pair perfectly with my Palm.

Q: How often do you use Life Mode on Palm? What are your experiences with using this feature?

Brett: It's almost always on, it's nice to not hear notifications going off constantly.

Q: Would you recommend Palm to others?

Why or why not? Brett: Absolutely! After the Pasadena Half Marathon, I recommended it to a bunch of friends. They were amazed at how small it is and the fact that they wouldn't need a second number should they get one. Really, I haven’t found anything I don’t like about it.

Palm smartphone users #PalmCrew

Huge thanks to Brett for sharing his feedback with us. We want to hear your Palm story - submit yours today: https://www.palm.com/your-palm-story