#PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Dan Dolar

The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help you learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the #PalmCrew is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and leave your big phone at home, and how it enables you to spend more time with the people that matter.

We love following the #PalmCrew on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like Dan Dolar, a tech-enthusiast, musician, photographer and family man, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is Dan’s Palm story:

What caught your eye about Palm? What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one?

Admittedly, the first thing that caught my eye about Palm was the brand–I had used Palm OS devices back in the 90’s, so to see the brand come around again with a different and unique focus was very interesting to me. What also caught my attention about Palm was that it was a very small phone that featured a full version of Android. The concept of #LifeMode and being connected without distraction was appealing, but honestly the coolness factor of the device also played a big factor as well.

#PalmCrew using Palm small smartphone
What is the primary phone you use today?

Samsung Note 9

What are the main ways you use Palm today? What do you use it for most?

When I make the conscious effort to put away my device and focus my time and attention to the people I’m with, it’s great to have a device that’s so small that I don’t even notice that I’m carrying it, yet still allows people to contact me for urgent matters. It’s way easier to “ignore” a Palm in my pocket than it is to ignore my giant Note 9.

Also, lugging around a giant phone for quick errand runs is just the worst. I pop my Palm, my ID, and my debit card into my Granite Wallet Case and I’m totally good to go–still having access to full-featured communications apps with pictures and video just in case I need to double-check if I’ve got the right items.

What are the first apps you downloaded on Palm?

The first apps I downloaded on my Palm were for Target and Walmart, to access their mobile payment methods–a very Dad thing to do, for sure! Those apps, along with Amazon Music and Shazam, are at the top of the rotation at the moment.

Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using your main phone?

When I first caught wind of Palm and its concept of being a companion device I thought I’d only use it occasionally, but after having my Palm since the day it debuted it turns out that I use it just as much–if not more–than my main phone. It’s to the point now where I only reach for my main phone for heavy content consumption, long stretches on social media, and when I need to be picky about taking a photo–and even then I feel kind of bad about being on it for more than a few minutes. Having a Palm has definitely opened my eyes on how I’ve been using my tech devices, for sure.

What is your favorite thing about Palm?

I love that my Palm just disappears into my pocket and allows me to focus on what’s important, yet still allows people to get in touch with me just in case. I also love that it’s got “real” Android on it, so all of the apps I want to use on it can run on it just fine.

Palm best small smartphone
What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

I’d love to see improvement in the cameras, specifically with low light and response. Battery life improvement would also be great. NFC and a fingerprint reader would be nice things to have, but not terribly necessary. Down the road, I’d also love to see a rugged version of Palm.

What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm?

I’ve got quite a few cases for my Palm; my favorite at the moment is the Granite Wallet Case–I just pop in my Palm, my ID, and my debit card and I’m totally good to go. I also use a Trekz Titanium headset with my Palm from time to time.

How often do you use Life Mode on Palm? What are your experiences with using this feature?

I use Life Mode during church and during Family Time. It’s a great method to eliminate distraction.

Would you recommend Palm to others? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Palm has totally changed my perspective on device use and helps me to make the most of the time I spend with my family and friends. When people first see it, the most they make of it is just as a cute oddity, but when I tell them the ways that I’ve been using it and how it benefits me you can see the wheels start to turn. It’s a great option to have in one’s loadout. I hope to see Palm around for many years to come!

#PalmCrew user Palm small smartphone

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