Put Your Voice to Use with Palm

With the proliferation of voice-activated technologies today, It’s safe to say voice is becoming the new touch. It’s clear that voice-activation is only going to become more popular as our tech evolves. The smart speaker market, for example, has continued to explode year over year. In 2018, around 41 percent of U.S. consumers owned a voice-activated speaker. As of Q1 2020, nearly 90 million U.S. consumers own smart speakers, which makes up about one-third of all consumers, getting us more and more into the habit of talking to our tech instead of typing and swiping.

Understanding this trend, we made voice activation a big part of Palm because it is usually the fastest and easiest way to get things done on the go. Typing just isn’t the fastest way to send a text or search the web these days. According to one study, most of us scroll, swipe, or tap our phone over 2,500 times in a single day. That’s not just a shocking amount of touches, it is a considerable amount of time being unnecessarily wasted.

Using Voice on Palm 

With voice activation on Palm, you can access things quickly and easily. We built Palm full of quick actions so that you’re not spending a ton of time scrolling through to find the app you’re looking for. Voice is just another way we enable you to access features faster on your Palm. 

Getting comfortable with Palm’s voice activation is an immediate way that you can reduce the amount of minutes you spend looking down at the screen. Your voice-enabled Palm can instantly connect you to all your favorite apps and features. 

There are two ways to access voice search on Palm. If your screen is on, then simply say, “OK Google” to access Google Assistant. 

Alternatively, you can double press Palm’s side button to access voice search. 

You can make calls, send texts, access your favorite podcasts or playlists and much more all by using voice on Palm. 


This year, Palm wants to help YOU use your voice to vote! With Palm, you can find your local polling station, call for a rideshare to get you there, and #LifeMode will make sure you can vote uninterrupted. 

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This November 3, #UseYourVoice and vote!

#UseYourVoice with Palm