Shop & Save with Palm’s Back-To-School Sale

Going back to school is usually a time of excitement and anticipation for what the upcoming school year ahead is going to bring. However, this school year is going to look a little different with school districts working hard to create the safest learning environment possible for students of all ages. With so many schools looking to shift classes online, it’s even more important to be able to stay connected without breaking the bank. While the future of our school year is still in question, Palm is committed to help students, parents, teachers and faculty stay connected at an affordable price. 

We’ve heard from our Palm Crew about all the amazing benefits of Palm being a kid’s first phone, so parents can stop sharing their mobile devices with their children, and also the benefits for teachers having a direct and dedicated line to their students.

“The Palm is the perfect solution for when I need to call or text my son, and vice versa. The location-tracking and parental control options are fabulous, accurate, and dependable. The Gorilla Glass and water-resistant features are key for durability, and the size is perfect. It’s truly just the coolest phone ever. I was originally going to wait until he was much older to give him a smartphone, but once I saw the Palm, I realized we could get connected in a safer way, right away.” - Titania Jordan, (mom to a 10-year-old)

I want students to be able to text me if they need anything, or if they're confused at a problem. Without a doubt, them having a direct line to me would be AMAZING, and now they do with my Palm phone.” - Rodolfo Santoyo, 7th Grade Math Teacher

We want to do our part to not only keep everyone connected so they can stay on top of their work (homework and otherwise), which is why we are excited to announce our first ever Back-To-School sale on, featuring our lowest prices ever! All of our bundles are now on sale for just $279, which includes a few new bundles and accessories to keep your Palm powered up. Check out what’s on sale…

Unlocked Palm - $249

Our unlocked Palm smartphone is currently on sale for just $249 - that’s $100 in savings! 

NEW Battery Boost Bundle - $279

We’re excited to offer our newest bundle featuring the mophie powerstation keychain portable charger that not only gives you a power boost, but is actually smaller than Palm! This new Battery Boost Bundle comes with an unlocked Palm, a mophie powerstation keychain portable charger, and a leather case with neck and wrist lanyards, all for just $279 (original retail price is $419).

Power Bundle - $279

Our most popular bundle is now more affordable than ever. Our Power Bundle comes with an unlocked Palm, a screen protector and a mophie juice pack battery case for Palm, and it’s all on sale for just $279 (originally $425).

Back-To-School Bundle with choice of Kate Spade or Under Armour Case - $279

Our Back-To-School bundle is our most popular for students of all ages. This bargain bundle comes with an unlocked Palm, a screen protector and your choice of either a Kate Spade or Under Armour case, on sale now for $279. 

Palm accessories - all on sale!

Looking for more protection for your Palm? Look no further! All of our accessories are on sale, including:

NEW mophie powerstation keychain charger is on sale for just $19.99

Palm Screen Protector is now just $9.99

Leather Case with Neck and Wrist Lanyards is now just $19.99

Mophie juice pack battery case is on sale for $29.95


    We want to make it as simple as possible for you to get everything you need, from a new smartphone to accident protection plans and even your data plans. Which is why on top of all these amazing savings, we’ve made it easier than ever to buy a Palm with financing options offering payments as low as $24/month through our partner Affirm. Additionally, we’ve teamed up with US Mobile to offer data plans specifically for our Palm users, ranging from $5-$20/month with the first month's data FREE. You can get a new Palm and stay connected for as little as $30/month or less than $350 for a year. 


    We want to make sure that no kid gets left behind this year because they don’t have access to a phone, or the internet in order to connect with their classmates and teachers. No matter if you’re looking to keep your kid connected, you’re a student looking for an affordable smartphone option that still gives you everything you need for a price you can afford, or a teacher looking for a direct line to your students, Palm is committed to keeping you connected, however and wherever we go back-to-school this year. Get your new Palm today!


    Palm Back-To-School Sale