Stephen Curry Gives High School Kids the Surprise of a Lifetime

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Going to the movies with Stephen Curry is a little bit different than your typical trip to the theater. Just ask the 40 students of East Oakland Youth Development Center, who Stephen surprised at a local theater in Oakland. We told the students they’d be seeing a film—we didn’t tell them which film, or that they’d be watching it with Stephen Curry! Let’s just say they were a little happy about it.

Palm teamed up with Stephen and his Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation to give the students a special screening of his new documentary, Emanuel, and have a discussion about #LifeMode – what it means and why it's important. 

Prior to Stephen's arrival, we asked the students to turn in their phones before entering the theater. As they went to take their seats before the film started, Stephen snuck in through a side door. Not only were the students treated to a private screening with food and snacks, they also got to participate in an intimate and thought-provoking Q&A with Stephen after the film was over. 

While most theaters play a quick PSA reminding everybody to turn off their phones before the movie starts, these students got a personal message from the MVP explaining why they were asked to leave their phones at the door. He talked about how important it is for him to disconnect from the digital world, as it helps him to be more engaged on a personal and professional level. For Stephen, reducing digital distractions means more focus on his training with his teammates and spending more quality time with his family and friends.

Stephen told the students about a rule the Warriors implemented during team meetings and events. The players all drop their phones into a basket before they even enter the room. As professional athletes, this policy obviously helps the players connect with each other directly without any digital distractions. “We are very purposeful around creating these type of moments where we can engage and connect on a very personal level.” This team cohesion and harmony obviously translates onto the court when you look at the Warriors’ record over the last decade. 

Stephen went on to explain how it is also important for him to disconnect for his personal well-being, and how Life Mode on his Palm makes it easier. When he slips into Life Mode, Stephen gets to relax with his family and stay engaged without any distractions. 

Check out the full video from the event here:

With our digital world constantly expanding into every aspect of our personal lives, it can be hard to disconnect from our mobile devices. As a result, we end up missing out on the human connections and life moments happening around us. And, with the holidays in full swing, ‘tis the season for all of us to put down our phones and connect with our loved ones. Ask yourself, what are some ways that you can spend less time on your phone and more time with the people in your life? And, how can you carry those good habits into the New Year? 

We think Palm is a great solution for people who don’t want to be distracted from the real world. Our Life Mode feature makes it a little easier to focus on the holidays and escape the constant noise coming from our mobile screens.

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