Summer’s Here and the Water's Calling

Summer is officially in full swing. It’s hot, it’s sunny and it’s time to have some fun. We designed Palm for all types of summer activities, from camping trips to beach getaways to pool parties.

Going to the pool is one of our favorite ways to escape that summer heat. Luckily, we built Palm to be super water resistant so you can splash around all you want while filming your best gainers and sharing them on social, without worrying about damaging your phone.



We constructed Palm out of Gorilla Glass with IP68-rated water and dust resistance for this very reason. We want Palm to go everywhere you go this summer because the season represents our core values—living life outside of the screen. Whether you’re swimming in the backyard, chasing your kids around at the beach, or negotiating class IV rapids on your summer adventure, Palm’s IP68 construction means it is ready to withstand any test.

What exactly does IP68 mean?

IP68 is a standardized rating of a device’s dust and water resistance. Currently, IP68 is the highest possible rating given to mobile devices, meaning your Palm could be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. So, if you drop your Palm into the water, you have nothing to worry about. Children aren’t always careful with their phones, but you can relax knowing that a little dip in the pool, intentional or not, won’t damage your Palm. And, if you fall prey to the classic poolside prank of getting pushed in with all your clothes on, your Palm will be fine, even if your outfit isn’t.


Having the freedom to use your Palm in and around water makes it that much easier to stay connected all summer. The beauty of Palm is that it lets you take control of your summer fun by encouraging you to focus on making memories and living outside the screen. It won’t weigh you down and distract you from enjoying whatever summertime activity you have planned.

There’s never been a better time to get your very own Palm. Not a Verizon customer? No problem! Pre-order an unlocked Palm today.