Summertime > Screen Time

Summer represents everything we love about life—getting outside, spending quality time with loved ones, eating, drinking, playing and basically just doing our best to live in the moment. Summer means breaking free from being stuck inside staring at your phone because there’s literally nothing else to do. Summer’s long days allow you to reclaim your time, where you can pack in dinner dates, nights out with friends and actually exercising outside without fear of frostbite.

At Palm, we’ve made it our goal to get outside as much as possible this summer because we value real world experiences over everything else. We value those special summer memories that can only be made when you’re living life outside of the screen.

We made Palm because we wanted a phone that didn’t demand our attention every second of the day. We wanted a phone that faded into the background when not being used. We wanted a phone that was smaller and smarter. We wanted a phone that encourages us to spend less time looking down and more time looking up. We wanted to spend less time in work mode and more time in Life Mode. This phone didn’t exist, so we made Palm.

Here are some of the ways that we’re enjoying summer with our Palms in tow.

Hitting the trails is a lot more enjoyable than hitting the heart on all your friends’ pics. This summer, make sure you're experiencing life outside, not through your screen.

Hit #LifeMode, take a break from the noise for a bit, and reclaim some time for yourself.

You don’t need to worry about algorithms or how many people your posts get to— take a break and get some peace of mind instead. The ocean waves are calling.🐚

“Are you still watching?”We all have our favorite shows, but let’s remember to pause and let our minds wander, free of inputs. Remember to take time away from your screens to lounge in the sun and allow yourself some #LifeMode moments.

With so many studies suggesting too much social media usage can significantly lower our mood and leave us feeling isolated, let’s make efforts to get more social outside our screens this summer.

Studies show that a simple walk can boost your level of creativity. So whether you're at work or just need a break from your screen, take a walk...your mind and body will thank you.

We all love to binge watch our favorite shows, but it's important to create stories of your own. Find that place, activity or even person that helps you get into that zen mode.

With an estimated 2.5 billion video gamers across the world today, gaming has taken on a life of its own. But there's a time to put the controller down go outside. Exercise and fresh air nourishes the mind, body and soul.

While cooking shows have become immensely popular, we're seeing less and less cooking being done at home, especially amongst millennials. It's time to grab a spoon and start learning how to cook for's both fun and delicious!

Instagram has become America's favorite pastime, but when we favor "liking" pictures of our friends and family over actually speaking to them, it's a problem. This summer, let's be less glued to our feed and be more present with friends and family to create lasting memories.

It doesn’t take much to ask a friend to go for a walk, or to seek out a group activity in your community. Finding a healthier balance with our digital lives starts with recognizing times when we inadvertently get too sucked into addictive consumption patterns with our screens, and from there, make choices towards a more balanced relationship.

Whether you’re hiking in a national park or grabbing drinks in the city, Palm can help you live in the moment all summer long. Let’s agree to spend less time responding to emails or looking at social media, and more time enjoying the scenery and people around us.

Luckily, there has never been a better time to get your own Palm. You can pre-order an unlocked Palm that can be used with most major US carriers. Take control of your digital life today and have a more fulfilling summer with Palm - get yours today.