The Best Holiday Traditions Start Offline

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The holiday season is ramping up. Decorations are up all over town. Holiday music is blasting in every speaker. Festive feasts abound. And shopping, shopping, shopping. But, the very essence of the season can’t be found in any store. The best part of the holidays is being able to spend time with our friends and families. 

All of us at Palm love the holiday traditions that we’ve created with our friends and families over the years. Whether it’s an annual Friendsgiving, decorating sugar cookies or even catching a movie with your family, we strive to uphold these long-held holiday traditions and pass them on to the next generation. 

While we all celebrate the holidays in different ways, most of us will agree that our most cherished traditions start offline. Lifelong memories aren’t created while gazing down at a phone screen. Our favorite holiday memories are created when our phones are out of sight and out of mind. Of course, we might pull out our camera to snap a quick picture to show off our cookie decorating skills, but what we really cherish (besides eating said cookie) is the time that we spent with each other. 

For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year simply because everyone is together. In fact, it might be the only time of the year that your entire family is all in the same house at once. So, if we want to make the most of our limited time, we have to proactively avoid looking at our phone… and that’s not always easy.

Palm best small smartphone

It’s safe to say that it has become harder for most people to set down their phones and really disconnect from their digital life. We are pestered by work emails, appointment reminders, random text messages, social media updates, news alerts and the ceaseless noise coming from our mobile world. These things invariably distract us from the people and activities going on around us. This can have an impact on our ability to live in the moment and truly enjoy the holiday season. 


Stay Offline and In the Moment This Holiday Season

We designed Palm to help people spend less time looking at their phone. Palm can enable you to spend more time looking up and living outside of the screen, without feeling disconnected or worried about missing out on anything important. It is all about balance. The holiday season is the best time of the year to find the right balance in your life and perhaps to even help you start a new holiday tradition of your own. Palm can help you focus on the loved ones around you, rather than the constant noise and distraction coming from your mobile device.

If you’re ready to achieve better digital balance with Palm, there has never been a better time to try it out. In fact, our Black Friday deal goes live tomorrow. It’ll be the lowest price on a Palm that you can find this holiday season. If you can’t wait that long, we have some amazing Holiday Bundles that are also a great bang for your buck. Check them out here.


Palm best small smartphone