Top 10 Ways You Used Palm in 2020


2020 didn’t quite turn out the way we thought it would. Just like many of you, heading into the year, we had big plans for our company, including hosting more in-person events. Unfortunately, we all know how that went. 

However, at Palm, we believe that this year, we have all learned to appreciate the things and people we all have in our life. Connecting with everyone we love in our lives, and making sure that that connection remains strong and steadfast, is very important. At the heart of Palm, we are a connection company. It’s what we do. We connect people to what most to all of us. We facilitate life’s most important moments, and put an emphasis on our real lives over our digital ones. 

At Palm, we feel blessed to have not only grown our #PalmCrew, but also our dedication to providing a helping hand and giving back throughout the year has made a great impact to those who may have any setbacks. Starting in April, we created a giveback program to support people who needed a break - from frontline workers, to people who had just lost their jobs, to families in need. We then teamed up with Teach For America to help keep local teachers in Miami connected safely while navigating going back to school. Then we partnered with Stephen Curry and World Central Kitchen to donate meals to food insecure families across the Bay Area. And finally, we teamed up with Stephen again to donate profits from our Stephen Curry Golf Bundle to Howard University’s Golf Endowed Fund

As we look back at the year, we realize how much the pandemic has changed not only our everyday lives, but also its impact on our mobile behavior. Are we on our phones more now that most of us are stuck inside? Or have we been too busy to waste time on our phones, juggling remote learning, remote work and remote playtime?

In order to understand this better, we sent out a customer survey to hear what Palm owners had to say about how they are using Palm, and we got some pretty interesting responses. Of course, we wanted to share it with you, so, here’s how you used Palm in 2020: 

Who You Bought Palm For

Most people bought Palm for themselves (about 94%), but about 6% of you bought Palm as a gift for a family member or a child. With all of the holidays deals we have going on, we’ve made it easy and affordable to give the gift of Palm this holiday season.

How You Use Palm 

About 54% of you use Palm as your primary phone, and about 12% of you use Palm as your second or backup smartphone. Another 34% of you use Palm as a companion device to your big phone. 

Why You Bought Palm 

Most of you bought Palm because you wanted a smaller smartphone, but 30% of you said you purchased Palm because you wanted to be on your phone less. Another 32% of you said you bought Palm for your fitness activities, including running, cycling, hiking and going to the gym. 

You Stayed Active with Palm 

About 36% of you regularly use Palm for various fitness activities. We don’t blame you, Palm’s 3.8” size makes it the perfect device for every activity. 


Top 5 Activities on Palm

One of the best things about Palm is how customizable it is to fit your specific lifestyle, however, there are some common activities that most people use Palm for. Here are the top 5:

  1. Phone calls & messaging
  2. Playing music (and other audio apps)
  3. GPS, maps and getting directions
  4. Checking the weather
  5. Going for runs 

Top 10 Apps Used on Palm

With access to the full Google Play Store, our #PalmCrew is using apps across every category - from banking and gaming, to fitness and home security. Here are the top 10 apps you guys use on Palm:

  1. Messaging Apps & Phone calls
  2. Email apps 
  3. Music apps (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, Sirius XM, etc.)
  4. Search and search apps (Google, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  5. Maps/GPS/Directions
  6. Social Media apps (YouTube and Facebook are the most popular social media apps, followed by Instagram and Twitter.)
  7. Camera and photo apps
  8. Calendar apps
  9. Weather apps
  10. Banking apps


Your Favorite Accessories

With over 20+ accessories available for Palm, it’s fun to see all the different ways you dress up your Palm and make it yours. In 2020, here are the top accessories you bought for your Palms:

  1. Screen Protector
  2. Mophie juice pack battery case
  3. Leather case with neck & wrist lanyards
  4. Under Armour case
  5. Portable keychain battery

You Used Life Mode

About 45% of you use Life Mode on a regular basis. When set up, it really helps to reduce screen time so you can live in the moment without constant distractions and notifications. Get tips for using Life Mode here.

You Streamed...A LOT

With lightning fast LTE and Bluetooth capabilities, Palm lets you stream anytime, anywhere. And you guys certainly did! From music to podcasts to video, Palm users did a LOT of streaming on Palm in 2020 and was in fact one of the top activities on Palm. YouTube was once again one of the top apps used on Palm this year, along with music apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music being some of the top downloads along with other content streaming apps like Audible and other podcast apps. 

You Gave Back

This year was hard for everyone, but YOU, our #PalmCrew, did a lot of giving back! Between helping us get the word out about our donation program and nominating people in need, to helping keep teachers connected, to providing meals for hungry families, you stepped up every time we asked. We couldn’t be more grateful to have such amazing customers, and we look forward to continuing to do our part in giving back in 2021. 


We want to thank everyone who participated in our customer survey as it helps us understand how to make Palm even better moving forward. We want to hear more from you! Tell us your Palm story here

We hope you’ve enjoyed using Palm in 2020, as we at Palm wish you and yours a happy holiday. Here’s to a fantastic and healthy 2021!