Unlocked Palm. Unlimited Possibilities.

Today’s the day! We’re super excited to announce that you can finally buy an unlocked Palm right here. Still equipped with all the specs and features Palm offers, an unlocked Palm can be used on most major US mobile networks – all you need is the SIM card. So, buy your Palm directly from us, choose your carrier and pick a plan that’s right for you.

man using palm

This is big news for us because Palm is all about connecting on your terms. With the freedom to choose the carrier and plan that best suit your needs, it’s even easier to find the right balance in your digital life. Palm is all about finding that healthy balance—that’s why we designed it with Life Mode. With Life Mode, you only get the notifications you want, when you want them. That’s the beauty of Palm.

Palm is a perfect phone for all types of people. Because it is so small, parents love giving it to their children as a first phone as it encourages healthier digital habits. Palm can do everything you expect a modern smartphone to do, but can be completely customized to your needs. Modern minimalists love the small size. Adrenaline junkies love the Gorilla Glass and IP68 water resistance. Teens love the sleek design and great cameras. Professionals love using Palm as a perfect secondary phone because it lets them separate their personal and professional lives.

US Mobile, A Great Option for your Unlocked Palm

While you can connect your Palm however you want, we're excited to announce a new partnership with US Mobile that makes it convenient and affordable to get connected. In fact, US Mobile is offering unique plans made specifically for Palm users. Best of all, they’re offering the first month of service FREE, with plans starting at just $5/month after that.

palm with a case

If you want to use US Mobile with your new Palm, it’s really easy. When checking out, you will see an option to add a US Mobile SIM card to your order (free of charge). If you choose this option, we will ship a US Mobile SIM Starter Kit along with your Palm. Once you receive your SIM Starter Kit, you can choose your plan. In just 2-3 minutes, you can set up a brand new line or keep the same phone number. US Mobile also offers an easy way to manage your account, pay your bills and top up your SIM card through their website.

US Mobile plans give you more flexibility with no contracts, no overage fees and no hidden costs. As a parent, you’ll also love that it is so easy to keep track of your child’s usage with a plan that doesn’t break the bank.

Even More Options

You really do have unlimited possibilities with Palm. The unlocked Palm is just the latest and most flexible option. If you’re on Verizon, you can still buy Palm as a connected device or as your primary phone. Whether you want to keep your old number or start a new line, it is very easy to set up your Palm with most carriers.

No matter how you want to use Palm, you’ll love being able to connect on your terms. Palm is really a game-changing user experience—there has never been a phone this small that can do this much.

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