Why I Unplug

Cheerleaders, ice cream, spinning wheels and sharing ideals. This past weekend we celebrated National Day of Unplugging at Dolores Park and connected with our community IRL. We teamed up with lilspace co-founder Kim Cavallo as well as the Cheer SF team for an afternoon full of fun activities. We dished out some free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, lucky spinners got a chance to win some free giveaways by spinning the wheel of cheer, and best of all, everyone put their phones away to enjoy it all without any distractions. 

Throughout the event, we asked people to write down what they unplug for. We were surprised to see the wide variety of answers we got, but we thought we’d share some with you here: 


We want to thank everyone who was able to swing by and hang with us, and for everyone who wasn’t able to be there, we hope you were able to enjoy at least a little time unplugged this past weekend.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you unplug for and share it with us here.