Why the Palm is the Perfect Pride Essential

palm pride

June 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which was the turning point of the gay rights movement, and LGBTQ+ people all around the world will be celebrating all month with festivals happening in every city around the globe. Like any celebration, having the proper essentials will either make or break the experience. So, when looking for the right gear for Pride, the Palm smartphone is the perfect essential to help keep you connected, but not distracted so you can still enjoy and be the hit of the party every time.

Why Size Does Matter

Is that your phone or are you just happy to see me? It’s probably your phone. Ever since smartphones have become more like mini tablets, our phones no longer fit comfortably into our designer jeans. Enter Palm. The Palm is the perfectly sized smartphone that you’ve been waiting for. We made the Palm small...really small but packed it with the same power as any smartphone on the market today. About the size of a credit card, Palm fits into any Pride outfit with ease. Wear it around your neck, toss it in your front coin pocket, and for those looking to ‘don minimal apparel, Palm fits into the tiniest of places with ease (and discreetly!). So when they said “size matters,” who knew they were talking about your phone. And they were right!

Packed with the Best Assets

The Palm was designed for comfort but does not lack in style. Available in titanium and gold, Palm’s sleek style and small form factor will turn every head, and let’s be honest, that’s what we really want during Pride weekend. Plus, it’s a crowd-pleaser and the best conversation starter, so if you’re the shy type, let Palm do the talking for you. Running on Android, Palm is equipped with the entire Google Play Store, allowing you to download any app to help make your Pride celebration easier, from Uber and Lyft to Venmo and Instagram. Need to get that last workout in, stream Spotify and Pandora easily, to keep you going.

palm pride

Going to a pool party? Don't fret, Palm doesn’t only fit into that swimsuit with ease, but it’s built with Gorilla Glass and is water resistant, so go ahead and jump in that pool with no worries. Are your hands tied up with that drink, or with the hand of your partner? Palm has you covered. With Google Assistant, your voice does all the work for you – no typing required! Play music, reply to texts and get directions to your next event, all by using just your voice.

Connecting IRL

Lately, people have become so addicted to their phones and to social media that they have forgotten how to live and connect in person. We have designed the Palm to help curb screen addiction and help people wean off social media and learn to live outside of the screen, leading fuller lives. Our Life Mode feature silences incoming calls and notifications every time the screen is off. So when you’re out with your friends celebrating Pride, attending a rally, or on the dance floor getting your groove on, don’t let your phone take away from your experience. When you’re ready, just wake the screen and Palm becomes fully connected again, (letting you know that you really didn’t miss anything after all).

This Pride season whether you’re marching in Greenwich Village in NYC where it all began, or in the streets of San Francisco, remember the reason why you’re celebrating, looking at how far we’ve gotten with recognizing the LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. Let’s continue to fight as there is still a lot more needed all around the world.

palm pride

Happy Pride to everyone from Palm! And we’re excited to now offer our #PalmCrew even more choices for how to connect their Palms. Pre-order your unlocked Palm today.