Why Voice Activation Is The Way Of The Future (And How To Use It On Palm)

Consumers today are getting more into the habit of talking to our tech instead of typing and swiping. With the proliferation of voice-activated technologies, voice is quickly becoming the new touch on new emerging technologies. The smart speaker market, for example, exploded in 2018, with around 41 percent of U.S. consumers now owning a voice-activated speaker, up from 21.5 percent in 2017. Today you can find voice-activated refrigerators, thermostats, cars and even toothbrushes.
It’s safe to say voice activation is only going to become more popular as our tech evolves. At Palm, we think this a great thing. In fact, we made voice activation a big part of Palm because it is usually the fastest and easiest way to get things done on the go.
Voice activation Palm smartphone

Why is Voice Such An Important Palm Feature?

Our mission at Palm is to create mobile devices that allow people to spend less time looking at their screens and more time engaging in the real world. We want you to use voice to navigate your Palm so that you’re not always looking down and being consumed by a screen. Less time looking down means you’re not distracted or slowed down by your phone.
Typing just isn’t the fastest way to send a text or search the web these days. According to one study, most of us wipe, swipe, or tap our phone over 2,500 times in a single day. That’s not just a shocking amount of touches, it is a considerable amount of time being unnecessarily wasted.
Basically, we’re spending too much time on our phones throughout the day, and we designed Palm with easy voice activation because it is a realistic way to eliminate some of these extra touches. You can get more done while spending less time looking at the screen.

How to Use Voice on Palm

Getting comfortable with Palm’s voice activation is an immediate way that you can reduce the amount of minutes you spend looking down at the screen. Your voice-enabled Palm can instantly connect you to all your favorite apps and features.
Voice activation Palm smartphone
Voice activation can make using your Palm faster, safer and more mobile. No more slowing down to change the song on your evening jog. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the road as you call your BFF on the drive from work. Come up with a brilliant idea for work tomorrow? Quickly dictate a note on your Palm before you forget the idea. All of these actions, might slow you down and distract you if you have to pick up your phone and start typing, but they become simple and seamless when you use voice.
Here are some other great ways you can use voice on Palm to speed up digital interactions and trim screen time:
  • Get directions
  • Start your favorite playlist
  • Set a calendar reminder
  • Reply to a text
Are you using voice-enabled tech in your daily life? Tell us your voice story with Palm – we’re always listening so we can make Palm even better.