Your Voice Is A Powerful Tool

Every four years, Americans get the opportunity to make change in the United States. Since the founding of this country, we have always put the citizens in charge of determining our leadership, thereby determining the direction that our country wants to go. This time honored tradition not only puts the power in the people’s hands, it reminds citizens to get back in touch with their local, state and national politics. What issues are on the ballot this year? Who is running for local, state and national seats? What do they care about? How will they represent you while in Congress or at the White House? 

At Palm, we have always believed that your voice is a powerful tool. It has the power to change someone’s day, to influence, to educate, to lift up, to inspire. With this being undoubtedly the most important United States election of the 21st Century, we can no longer passively sit back and expect others to determine the outcome of our futures. It’s time that we use the power of our voice and vote to make the change that we want to see. We all have a voice, we all have a point of view, and we are lucky to live in a country that actually wants to hear what we have to say. All of our voices matter, and it’s important that we use them.

Palm can Power Your Voice

Palm has always believed in the power of connection through voice, which is why we set out to integrate voice-activation technology throughout the device. You can activate voice technology on your Palm with only two clicks of the power buttonGet yourself set up for Election Day simply by using the power of your voice on Palm, for example:

Want to know if you are officially registered to vote? Simply tap the power button on the side of your Palm twice and use your voice to ask about local voting registration and deadlines in your city.

Trying to find your local polling location? Simply tap the side button twice and use your voice to ask about how to find your local polling station.

Don’t know how to get to your local polling station? Simply tap the side button twice and ask to pull up directions. 

Need help with transportation to your local polling station? Tap twice on the power button to ask to pull up Uber, Lyft or your local city transportation schedule. (Both Uber and Lyft have committed to offering free and discounted rides on November 3rd to polling stations, so don’t let lack of transportation be your excuse not to vote!)

Not sure how to vote on a local proposition or which candidate you want to support? Tap the side button twice to search for more information on candidate information and local props. 

Want to listen to a specific playlist or podcast while waiting in line before you cast your vote? Tap the side button twice on Palm and ask your Palm to play your favorite jam. 

best small smartphone Palm google play store appsShow everyone how you voted by snapping a pic and posting it to your social profile. Simply tap the side button twice to pull up IG, FB or wherever you want to share that you exercised your civic duty!

Oh, and be sure to put your Palm in #LifeMode so you aren’t distracted by random notifications while you’re filling out your ballot. 

#UseYourVoice with Palm

Palm has always promoted the power of connection and it’s more important than ever for us to connect with our local authorities, politicians, communities, community groups and neighbors. With Palm, you can stay connected to what matters most in life, and this election day we encourage you to use your voice, share your voice, and activate your voice to connect with others and make a difference for your future and the world. 

This Election Day, we encourage you to #UseYourVoice. 

Using Voice-Activated Technology on Palm smartphone