5 Reasons Why Palm is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Let’s face it, our moms have been putting up with our nonsense for way too long. In all fairness, Mother’s Day should probably a monthly thing. While being a mom has to be one of the hardest jobs on the planet, especially in today's current climate, but it’s often just as hard for us to find the right Mother’s Day gift. Luckily for you, Palm is the perfect gift for any mom.

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Palm Looks Great, However She Wants to Wear It

Palm is a powerful smartphone and fashion statement rolled into one. It’s really small, so it can be worn or tucked into a small clutch or yoga pants. The new Palm lanyard, like the phone itself, is a perfect blend of functionality and style. Lanyard not quite your thing? Don’t worry, there’s tons of different options for accessorizing your Palm.

Palm is Easy to Use

Even if your mom isn’t much of a techie, Palm is the perfect phone for her. It has an intuitive and user-friendly Android OS designed for simple and fast interactions. With features such as quick action menus, facial recognition security, and voice activation, she can spend less time on her Palm and more time in the real world.

She’ll Love Life Mode

Every last detail of Palm was designed to create a more balanced smartphone experience. Palm has a special software feature called Life Mode that lets you stay connected to your phone without being bombarded with notifications. With Life Mode, moms can still be reachable when needed, but can also reclaim some much needed time off - time away from being in Mom Mode and switch to #LifeMode.

Voice Activation On the Go

With Palm, you can quickly access Google Assistant by just double pressing the side button. Instantly search the web, set a timer, play music, or send a text. Hands-free connectivity has never been easier with Palm.

Connect it however you want

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to connecting your Palm. It can be purchased as an everyday phone, or it can be linked to an existing smartphone and used as a companion device. Using Palm as a companion (kind of like a wearable) means you keep using your existing phone, and then utilize your Palm in the moments when you want more mobility and freedom from the distractions of a huge phone.


Palm is a small but thoughtful gift that is going to keep your family connected this Mother’s Day. Pick one up today as a companion or standalone.