9 Ways You Used Palm in 2019

Palm best small smartphone


2019 was a big year for Palm. It was our first full calendar year in existence, and we had a lot of fun growing the brand and making Palm available all over the world. As more and more people turned to Palm as a new type of mobile experience, the #PalmCrew grew faster than we ever imagined.  

We were really interested to see how Palm owners were actually using their phone in 2019. We sent out a customer survey to hear what you had to say, and we got some pretty interesting responses. Of course, we wanted to share it with you, so, here’s how you used Palm in 2019: 

Who You Bought Palm For

Most people bought Palm for themselves (about 90%), but about 10% bought Palm for a family member or a child. But, with all of the holidays deals we have going on, we’ve made it easy to give the gift of Palm this holiday season.

Palm best small smartphone

How You Use Palm

About 60% of you use Palm as a primary device, and about 40% use it as a companion device to a larger smartphone.

Palm small smartphone companion device

Why You Bought Palm

Most of you bought Palm because you wanted a smaller smartphone, but 30% of you said you purchased Palm because you wanted to be on your phone less. Either way, Palm is a great solution for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by a large mobile screen.

You Stayed Active With Palm

About 30% of you regularly use Palm during fitness activities. We don’t blame you, it really is perfect for running, cycling, riding, going to the gym, or whatever you do to stay active. 

Best smartphone for fitness Palm

Your Top 5 activities

  1. Phone calls/messaging
  2. Getting directions
  3. Playing music
  4. Taking and sending photos
  5. Social media 

Your Top 5 apps

  1. Messaging
  2. Google Search/Chrome
  3. YouTube
  4. Google Maps
  5. Spotify / Instagram
Palm best small smartphone

Your Top 5 Accessories

  1. Mophie Battery Case
  2. Under Armour Case
  3. Screen Protector
  4. Palm Lanyard Case
  5. Kate Spade wristlet

You Loved Life Mode

About 50% of you use Life Mode on a regular basis. When set up, it really helps users reduce screen time so they can live more fully, without constant mobile distractions.

Life Mode on Palm small smartphone

You Streamed

At first, we were a little surprised to find out that so many people used their Palm to stream videos and music on YouTube, leading to YouTube being the top used social app on Palm. But with its 3.3” HD display, lightning fast LTE and Bluetooth capabilities, Palm lets you stream anytime, anywhere.    

Palm best small smartphone

2019 really was a fun and busy year for us at Palm—our tiny little phone is now available all over the world! We want to thank everyone who participated in the survey because it helps us understand how to make Palm even better moving forward. We want to hear more from you! Tell us your Palm story here

We hope you’ve enjoyed using Palm in 2019, as we at Palm wish you and yours a happy holiday. Here’s to a fantastic and healthy 2020!