Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Battery on Palm

Palm smartphone

The battery is the most important part of any smartphone. Let’s be honest, without it, the phone just wouldn’t work. We know that one of the main reasons why anyone purchases a Palm is the small size, yet, that also means a small battery. However, there are several ways to get the most out of your Palm battery, and we wanted to share some helpful tips to make sure you stay charged and connected. 

1. Turn off background data syncing.  Apps are constantly trying to upgrade, which drains the battery. By turning off this mechanism, you can automatically free up some battery life. You can change this in Settings. By switching this off, you will prevent background syncing of apps, so they only refresh when you open them. With this disabled, your Palm can get over two full days of battery life while on standby, even when Life Mode is turned off!

2.  Turn off Wi-fi and Bluetooth antennas when not in use.  Did you know that both Wi-fi and Bluetooth can significantly drain the battery even when they're not in use? If you are on-the-go, turning off these connections, can help elongate the battery life on your Palm when you need it most. The icons will be white if they are turned on. 

3.  Disable apps you do not use. We talk a lot about only using the essentials on Palm, and that's not just because we believe in living life outside the screen! Disabling apps that you're not using can also help save you some juice. 

Life Mode on Palm smartphone

4.  Use Life Mode. If you are really anticipating calls or texts, use the Life Mode timer to temporarily suspend Life Mode. Otherwise, Life Mode disables all notifications from coming through and disturbing you while you're busy with your actual priorities. (You can learn more about our Life Mode feature here.)

5.  Minimize notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications and turn off notifications for apps you do not frequently interact with. Notifications are the best way to distract yourself from life's important moments, so we encourage you to turn these off in general, but added bonus is it helps increase your Palm's battery life. 

For even more battery life saving tips, go here. 

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