#PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Andrew Lee

The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help you learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the #PalmCrew is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and leave your big phone at home, and how it enables you to spend more time with the people that matter.

We love following the #PalmCrew on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like Andrew Lee, a producer and creator, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is Andrew’s Palm story:

What caught your eye about Palm?

What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one? The fact that I'm able to be connected but not too connected was the main reason I purchased the Palm. Also, the size and the sleek design of the Palm caught my eye.

What is the primary phone you use today?

I currently use the iPhone X.

What are the main ways you use Palm today?

I use it when I want to give myself a break from being on my iPhone too much and when I don't want to be too accessible. #LifeMode is the best!

What do you use it for most?

I use it when go to the gym, travel or around the office when I need heads down time with no interruptions.

Palm smartphone users #PalmCrew
What are the first apps you downloaded on Palm?

Instagram, WhatsApp, and iTunes. Pretty much the top three apps I use.

What are your favorite apps to use on Palm?

Instagram for sure. The display quality and the camera on the Palm make it a seamless transition from iPhone to Palm.

Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using your main phone?

I'm using my iPhone less and taking advantage of the Do Not Disturb feature. In a world where we're so attached to our phones and always accessible, it's necessary to take a break from our devices when possible.

Does it feel different after using Palm more?

It definitely does. I'm getting used to not having notifications and calls/texts which allows for more “me” time.

Do you feel more present or less distracted when you’re using Palm?

Less distracted. Life Mode!

What is your favorite thing about Palm?

Being able to control what you see and when you see it. Also, the UI of the Palm is great.

What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

Longer battery life.

What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm? How do you like them? I don’t currently have any accessories for Palm, as I don’t feel I really need one.

How often do you use Life Mode on Palm?

I use Life Mode every time I use my Palm, which is also the main reason I use my Palm.

What are your experiences with using this feature?

Love it. I love being able to dictate when I’m accessible and when I’m not in one click.

Would you recommend Palm to others? Why or why not?

Without a doubt. The Palm is perfect for people that need to have that sense of being connected but also not being too connected. I went from FOMO to JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out) after using my Palm.

Huge thanks to Andrew for sharing his feedback with us. We want to hear your Palm story - submit yours today.