Why Palm is a Must-Have for Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing and Palm is the perfect +1 for any ceremony. Weddings are special events that give us a chance to put on our fanciest duds, catch up with friends and family, hit the dance floor, eat a ton of food and celebrate the special couple as they walk down the aisle. But, whether you’re in the wedding party or a guest, you don’t want to be reading a Slack message from a coworker or responding to an email in the middle of the ceremony. You’re at a wedding, and we want you to enjoy it.

Palm is the perfect companion to bring to any wedding. Palm keeps you connected to the real world without having a huge screen weigh you down or constant pinging to distract you from the ceremony…so you won’t pull a Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice!

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Best of all, Palm is so small and wearable that it can work with just about any wedding outfit. Palm can slip into the smallest clutch or jacket pocket. You’re still able to snap the essential photos and post them to IG, but you don’t have to worry about carrying around a giant phone all night.

If you need to step away to make a quick call to your babysitter, you can, but otherwise you won’t even notice your Palm tucked away in your clutch or smallest pocket. You can even load your wedding speech onto your Palm, without having to lug around a giant screen.

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palm wedding

palm wedding

Events like weddings represent why we designed Palm the way we did. There are times when huge screens are not only unnecessary, they’re downright distracting. Since it’s not realistic to leave your phone at home, Palm gives you a better balance at social events because you can stay connected without being preoccupied. When you’re at a wedding, the things going on outside of the screen are always far more memorable than anything going on inside the screen.

Now you can pre-order an unlocked Palm that will work with most major carriers in the United States. Get yours today!