Why Size Matters: The Truth Behind Palm’s Small Smartphone

There’s no denying it. Palm is small. Like tiny. Like REALLY REALLY small. 

We consider our 3.8" size to be one of our best features, and many of our customers agree. Although, it’s hard to understand just how small Palm really is until you see it for yourself. We’ve heard plenty of times how people thought they understood the size, until they actually held it in their hands. “Wow!” is probably the most common response we hear. 

Just check out this video if you still don’t believe us:

Why We Made Palm Small

When you look at the current mobile landscape, we are actually one of the only brands out there today who have intentionally sized DOWN their device. With more and more smartphones getting bigger and bigger, it was actually our intention to create a smaller smartphone – one that could actually fit into the palm of your hand.

We feel that part of the current screen time problem is the fact that our mobile devices are so big and overbearing that the size alone makes it hard to put down and walk away from. What happens is that you end up scrolling for minutes or even hours longer that you had originally intended. Even knowing the dangers of too much screen time, it’s hard to pull ourselves away from whatever video pops up next on YouTube. 

With Palm, the size allows you to forget it’s even in your pocket or purse. With access to the entire Google Play Store, you can still get all the functionality, access and connectivity you need, but in a form factor that doesn’t suck you in. We set out with the goal of creating a mobile device that can keep us connected with all the advantages of today's technology, but that doesn't consume all of our time and attention.

Hear from our #PalmCrew users on how they like the size:

“I didn't want to sacrifice features and performance just to go small, and didn't have to with Palm! Awesome so far. Besides, I have strange thumbs that can't reach across more than a 3-4 inch screen, so this little screen is a joy to use, and yet is big enough to show everything in all my apps. Just, wow.” David LaRocque

“I use my Palm as my main everyday phone!! I love it so so much. Small pockets are now no problem at all. I go horseback riding all the time and it is perfect for that being so small and having the lanyard case, I just put it around my neck and ride on!! I also love to take it with me to the gym, it fits so perfectly in the smallest of short/yoga pants pockets.” Cheyenne Holmes

“This tiny little phone can make a huge impact on your life. Sometimes you have to take a step back from reality and ask yourself why things are the way they are. Why do smartphones HAVE to be huge? So you can waste copious amounts of time on them. That's why. The Palm does everything a normal smartphone will do, except control your life. It's like a patient powerful little companion that respects your personal space. There is a time and place for phone usage and the Palm defines that line perfectly. #PalmForLife!” Samuel Morgan Patterson

Small Compared to What?

Just for fun, we thought we would add in even more visual comparisons so you can see for yourself just how small it is. 

Palm compared to an iPhone 8 Plus.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm compared to tangerines.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm can fit into the coin pocket of your jeans.

Palm Best Small Smartphone

Palm compared to a Samsung Galaxy.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm compared to AirPods.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm compared to a fancy pen.

Palm Best Small Smartphone

Palm compared to lipstick.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm can fit into the coin pocket of yoga pants.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm compared to a Google Pixel 3a.

Palm best small smartphone

Palm can fit into a small wallet. 

Palm best small smartphone

We hope these images help showcase that when we say Palm is about the size of a credit card, we mean literally. Head to your local Verizon or Best Buy stores (that are currently open) to pick one up and hold it for yourself. You can also purchase an unlocked Palm on Palm.com, Amazon, B&H photo, or Fry’s Electronics. 

Did you know that our tiny device also has data plans with tiny price tags? Through our partner US Mobile you can stay connected with your Palm for as little as $5/month, with your first month FREE. Join our amazing #PalmCrew - get your Palm today!


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