#PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Laura Rebecca

The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help you learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the #PalmCrew is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and how it enables you to spend more time outside your screens.

We love following the #PalmCrew on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like Laura Rebecca, a yoga teacher, animal lover and gadget nerd, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is Laura’s Palm story:

Palm smartphone users #PalmCrew

What caught your eye about Palm? What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one?

I've always had an ambivalent relationship with smartphones: since they first came on the market, I've been fascinated by what they can do, and at the same time I curse them for their potential to be intrusive and distracting. I've been on the lookout for years for an alternate phone that has features I can control; I heard about Palm while I was researching such devices. When my main smartphone was sent back for repairs, I opted for a Palm so that I could have access to the basics in a quality handset. Honestly, I use the palm and my main device 50/50.

What are the main ways you use Palm today? What do you use it for most?

Since the pandemic started, I've been spending time at home a lot more (obviously), so there's the danger of drifting off into a scrolling-induced trance. Once I discovered that I can do a lot of essential tasks on my Palm, I started to transition to using that more. I use it most when I go outside to take walks. I try to go for one long walk a day, and with my Palm I can be connected if I need to be (by voice, text or email) and also be able to stop and take a high-quality photo if I want to along the way.

What are the first apps you downloaded on Palm? What are your favorite apps to use on Palm?

Spotify was first, for sure! I have to have my music and podcasts when I take my walks. Then, Facebook Messenger, because a lot of my friends use that instead of texting, but NOT the Facebook app. I love the VoNo app; it's perfect for capturing quick thoughts, voice memos and pictures on the go.

Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using your main phone? Do you feel more present or less distracted when you’re using Palm?

One thing I've definitely noticed is that, when I get too involved in doing tasks on my phone, I stop and ask myself: should I just switch to the Palm? Could my Palm do this task as well? I definitely feel less distracted because I've made the conscious choice not to put social media apps on the Palm, so yeah. I would like to use the Palm even more than I already do, but I'm very cautious about it becoming just a smaller version of my main phone. I always want it to be the alternative, like a digital vacation house.

What is your favorite thing about Palm?

The adorable size, intuitive interface, screen resolution, and the camera is really good. 

Palm smartphone users #PalmCrew

What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

Improved Battery life. That would definitely encourage me to use it more. The mophie case helps. 

What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm? How do you like them? What other accessories would you like to see?

I use the mophie case, as I said, and the Under Armour case. Both are super high quality, have a nice form factor, and fit well. I'd love something like a mini-pop-socket, or a wallet case so I can bring my credit cards along.

How often do you use Life Mode on Palm? What are your experiences with using this feature?

I have it on all the time. It works so well that I forget it's activated! Maybe that's a good thing...

Would you recommend Palm to others? Why or why not?

Absolutely. It's really great, and very affordable for what it can do. As we grow more dependent on technology, I've found that "less is more". I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend more time out in the world experiencing life rather than staring at a screen but still enable access to essentials.

Any other feedback you’d like to provide?

I'm grateful to be a part of the #PalmCrew, and I appreciate how Palm listens to and connects with its customers. I've been a Palm fan since the Pilot back in the 90's, and it's awesome to see this new and relevant incarnation of the brand. However, I wouldn't be mad if you did a throwback edition: Palm Pilot 2020 ;-)


Huge thanks to Laura for sharing her feedback with us. We want to hear your Palm story - submit yours today: https://www.palm.com/your-palm-story